Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prep's Moving Up Day Ceremony

These pictures were taken during the Prep’s Moving Up Day Ceremony held last March 18 (yeah, Bela still has a long way to go as she just started school. LOL. That is why I like to make sure of my social security benefits so I will be assured that my kids are covered whatever happens to me.)


The ceremony is actually for the Sr. Prep who are moving up to Grade 1. But the Jr. Prep students prepared a small presentation as one of the intermission number during the ceremony.

Of course, the stage parents can’t miss this opportunity and Bela specifically say that she wants us to be there to watch her perform. So I took a leave from work to be with Bela.

After watching the Moving Up Day ceremony, I can already imagine how emotional I will be when it is Bela’s turn to move up to Grade 1.