Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our boxes are here

They’re here…

Some of the items that I ordered from Amazon have arrived and it includes Bela’s Leapster. When we went to Singapore, she loves watching the kids while they played with their Nintendo DS and PSP. She would sneak in beside their seat when we are at the airport and she will watch them as they enjoy the game.

I tried looking for a Leapster at Toy’s R’ Us at the Paragon mall in Singapore but it is not available there. So I ordered it online from Amazon. Instead of getting a Nintendo DS, I ordered a Leapster Learning System since it is a more educational toy than PSP and Nintendo DS. Although the cartridges haven’t arrived yet. I ordered 4 cartridges for Bela – Ratatouille, Backyardigans, Finding Nemo and Dora. I ordered it on the same date but Amazon shipped it on a separate box. I checked the tracking last week and it arrived in Virginia during the weekend. Hope we will be able to receive the box for the cartridges tomorrow so Bela can enjoy her new toy during the weekend.

*wink, wink.

Abie <-- excited mommy (mas excited pa ata kesa kay Bela)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Anecdotal Report: July 4 & 25, 2008

Bela was not able to attend class for four days (I think) when we went to Singapore and it was always raining days before our trip so her lola decided not to send her to school. So Bela only have to anecdotal reports to date.

Anecdotal Report

Child’s Name: Bela
Teacher/s: Maica and lei
Date: July 4, 2008
Class: Jumping Joeys

We thought you might like to know:

Like a flash of lightning, Bela moves swiftly in the Romp Area, climbing up and down the Jungle Gym, and running around with her friends, leaving her teachers breathless and amazed at the way by which she can move from one place to another.

Bela’s motor skills are developing really well!!

Anecdotal Report

Child’s Name: Bela
Teacher/s: Maica and lei
Date: July 25 2008
Class: Jumping Joeys

We thought you might like to know:

Bela is such a sweet little girl. Upon seeing Maxine cry, she comforted her by sharing the rubber fish and said “Don’t cry.” :-)

We are looking forward to share more happy moments with you. :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Secret

When I was young and single, I have undergone such a fastidious process in maintaining my God’s given beauty, but that has changed greatly when I got married and became a mother. If before most of my time were consumed on how to ameliorate and bask the moment of being beautiful was my order of the day, today however taking care of my hubby and daughter has become my great and excellent menu and my windfall profit that completes my day.

Nonetheless on top of my busy schedules I can still managed to juggle my time for a worthwhile facial care indulgence that effectively keeps my skin looks healthy, clear and clean and free of any temerity to cover the blemishes of zits and specially acne scars. Thanks greatly to my most trusted brand of acne treatment cream that contain the most and true science revolutionary breakthrough ingredients that helps acne disappear overnight and preserved the pinnacle of my beauty evolution to ever look smooth and supple that gives me a lot of courage to bear and flaunt my face without makeup. Aside from its proven golden efficiency in the acne protection, the brand is also committed and devoted to providing high quality standard of safety against any skin side effects or allergies and comes with the best affordable market price.

When I wake up for a long rejuvenated sleep I don’t worry for my beauty because I’m certain I have the right cream that takes it care for me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Internet For My Sister

My sister is having a hard time dealing with her major subjects now. As far as I can see, she really needs help in order to pass her subjects. Other than that, I think she also needs different references to broaden her knowledge about programming.

Because of this, I thought that I should buy her some books which can help her in her studies. I also suggested that she must also apply for an internet connection at their house so she can able to research easily about her assignments regarding programming languages. She got interested with my opinion that’s why she immediately asked my brother’s help to take charge in applying the internet and luckily, my brother agreed and he started inquiring in the different networks.

My sister got really excited and she started arranging their desktop computer as well as her laptop. She even planned to buy CAT5e cable so that they will be able to have multiple connections.

I just hope that this will be a big help for my sister. Good luck for her!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Figure Specialist

As the years melted away, I continue to enjoy the fruits of having a wonderful and happy married life, professional fulfillment as well as the joys of motherhood unmindful that I’m getting bigger everyday. I could not have noticed it if not from my best friend in the office who several months ago tried to give some pieces of her mementoes on my unbecoming body figure. Part of her good advice to trim down on my excess weight was to use the diet supplement she is constantly maintaining which she had proven to be excellently efficient in burning the unwanted fats in her body, conveniently safe and do not hurt the budget. That kind of assurance dismisses all the doubts in my mind and gave me the courage to thread and take a leap of faith towards a complete change.

And now after about a year of following my best friend advice, I’m reaping a spark of innovation that reflects for my happier mood everyday. I was please to see the exhilarating progress I achieved and be able to flaunt a subtle look that filled my hearts with overflowing happiness excitement and wholeness. And as the days passes by I continue to savor the joys of a married life.

Bela's SG Adventure Day 1

Bela had another out of the country adventure. View the first part of her Singapore adventure here.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Job Well Done

My best friend has been living in the states for a very long time. He was a good comedy bar performer here and had been earning good amount of money before he decided to try his luck in the U.S. He tried different jobs from bagger, to bus boy and other blue collar jobs that he haven’t even tried doing here.

After all his sacrifices and persistence, he finally lands a job that he really wants to do. He was accepted as a new member of a group that performs in different bars. Though it was difficult for him cause they constantly moves from one place to another, he finds his new job refreshing because he earns bigger and at the same time his doing what he loves best, to make people laugh. He said that it is much harder to move from one place to another (thanks to New York Movers for making it much easier) than to make people laugh. I knew he was telling the truth even before, he always finds ways to make a joke out of nothing. He is truly a born comedian.

The most important thing why I think my friend is so successful. His not just persistent, but he always put his feet on the ground. He never forgets to look back where he was from, see it has been 8 years since he left, and this was my seventh email from him in 2 weeks.

Davao Trip

Last April 2 – 5 of 2008, my brother and his fiancée celebrated their 11th year anniversary. Since this was their first anniversary where both of them were already earning money, they decided to celebrate it in a more special way. They booked themselves for a trip to Pearl Farm, a prestigious resort located at Samal Island Davao City.

They enjoyed every single minutes that they spent in Pearl Farm for the place was so romantic and was truly a perfect place for a couple. They have all the amenities plus a very good restaurant that serves all kinds of food, from Filipino to Italian to American cuisine that will surely full your stomach. Their infinity pool was my brother’s favorite part, where he could just deep his body, watch the sunset and forget all his problems.

The place was really perfect, that he was so thankful that he didn’t forget to bring his SLR camera. Shot after shot after shot, wheeewww, it was so great to catch every single detail of nature. The white sands, the waving water, the green trees, the sunset, the clouds, they were all great, and they were everything but a painters dream to paint. Oh, I almost forgot, his favorite shot, though it took him a lot of time and patient to capture this one, it was really refreshing to catch the Ostrich Feathers as he opens his tail. Just like a rainbow, it was a perfect combination of colors.

Wonderful place, wonderful scenery, but the most important reason why he wouldn’t forget this trip is because he’s with the most wonderful person in the whole world, his fiancée….

My Scrapbook

I’ve been doing a digital scrapbook of my daughter’s pictures ever since she was born. And in fact, I even included the files while she is still in my womb. I’m really having fun doing it because every picture represents the growth and development of my child. Every moments and memories with her are very dear to us since she is our first child that’s why I am very eager to do it.

I must admit that it’s a little bit hard to do because it takes a lot of time and effort while doing it. Likewise, I have to be more creative, artistic and very patient to finish every single page of my daughter’s digital scrapbook. Until now, I’m still devoting much time to produce a very nice compilation of my daughter’s pictures as she grows older.

These are some of my finished products which I printed out on my new printer which is highly capable of printing pictures with a very great resolution. Oh well, I’m very happy with what I did and I’m absolutely satisfied.

My Scrapbook

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Future Business

We all know that organizing parties are very stressful and definitely hard. Some will just hire party coordinators so that there will be lesser work for them. But me, I really love organizing parties particularly children’s parties. In fact, I’m planning to have my own party rentals as a business and maybe a hobby.

Because of my great interest in this kind of field, my friends always ask for my help whenever they are planning to have parties. Just like what my high school friend did a week ago. She is planning to have a party for her daughter’s 7th birthday this coming August. Yes, it is a big responsibility for me but I still manage to enjoy it.

So to start with the preparations, first, we decided to choose some inflatable party rentals since most of their guests are kids. We thought that kids will surely love stuffs like that and they will definitely have a lot of fun. Then we started to plan the foods that will be served at the party. I suggested that it is best to separate the foods for the children from the adults and fortunately, she agreed.

As we go along with our preparations, she thought that she also wants to have water slide party rentals for her daughter’s birthday. I checked first the budget because we still need so many things for the party just like the invitations and the souvenirs.

Until now, we are not yet done preparing the party. We still need to process the reservation for the party’s venue and we still have to distribute the invitations. Well, I just hope that we can have a very nice party. Good luck on my part!!


It’s been a while since I updated our laptop that’s why I decided to install some yahoo games since I already got so addicted when I started playing some games on my sister’s laptop. I started downloading games to be installed in my laptop and I got so excited because I even got new games and applications which my sister doesn’t have.

Finally, I was able to finish downloading and installing for about an hour. But then, after I installed everything, I noticed that it runs slower than I expected. I tried to check the memory and I discovered that it was now overloaded with too much applications. There was no enough space for my new applications that’s why I felt so sad and disappointed.

Oh well, since I have no option, I erased some unimportant files so I will be able to install some applications that I really wanted to use. I am even planning to reformat my laptop but I know it will take a lot of time doing it.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Our first homework from TU

Bela’s teachers have an assignment for the parents and they are asking us to give a short story or history behind our kid’s name. They will be using it for their activity for this month’s theme which is “It’s a Small World.” The activities will focus on helping the kids learn more about himself or herself and their friends around them. Concepts that will be thought for this theme are:

* I am a boy / girl
* I have a birthday
* I’m 2 years old
* I have friends

And many more concepts revolving around the theme.

Howell was the one who did the assignment and of course, the proud father was excited to do it for her dear daughter. This is Howell’s answer:


Ysabela in Spanish means “dedicated to God.” I was born on the feast day of St. Margaret of Scotland where she is known for serving the orphans and the poor everyday before she herself would eat and whom I got my second name. Incidentally, my names came from two Queens, Queen Isabela of Spain and Queen Margaret of Scotland. “I am a gift to God and God’s gift to others.”