Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Supplier Ratings: The Creamery

My sister was the one who recommended The Creamery to me when I was looking for a venue for Bela’s birthday after she saw it in Facebook. Hubby and I visited the place and hubby liked it. I actually find it too small for the number of guests that I am having but hubby really like the venue and so I can’t say no to my Manager. LOL.

What I actually like about them:

• They have different party themes and each theme comes with free decoration according to the theme. We selected their Princess Theme and they decorated the venue with pink and purple balloon decors, Princess theme backdrop for the stage, horse drawn carriage, princess and castle standee and the crew are all dress up as Prince and princesses.
• Their party package is a little affordable (Shakey’s party package is still cheaper) and it comes with food for kids: spaghetti, mini burger, chicken, juice and ice cream; loot bags, name tags and party invites.
• They have a designated party coordinator who contacted me weeks before the party to coordinate the party details with me. The party coordinator was also present during the party and she was my point person whenever I have concerns during the party.
• I was so busy entertaining the guests that I was not able to pay attention to the program but according to my guests, their host was really good. He has good diction, good command of the English language and he knows how to catch the attention of the kids.
• I was not able to eat also but my relatives said that the food was good. And they gave us all our left overs including the ice cream from the ice cream buffet that was left after the party.
• They are flexible with the party program and I can bring my own magician without any corkage.
• The crew are attentive and there was one or two crew who is always assisting the host during the entire program to make it more organize.

What I did not like about them:

• I think they booked parties with only one hour interval per party so my guests already started to arrive starting at 2:30 PM and the party before us just finished by that time. We could have started the party at exactly 3:00 PM as almost all my guests are present already but they are still not finish with the setup by 3 PM and so we started the party 30 minutes later which gave us little time to finish the program. I still have the awarding for the best in costume but we did not have any time left for that. I wanted to get an extension but they won’t allow me as they have another party (our party was from 3-6 PM and there was a 7-10 PM party after us) after us.
• When I inquired for the price of the food, they did not mention nor was it indicated in the price sheet that there is an additional 12% VAT so I was not able to include that in my budget and this is no joke as it involves thousands if pesos.
• Also, when I inquired, they did not mention that there was a minimum number of dishes to order to book a party with them. So even if I just wanted to serve light snack as my party time is merienda time, I have no choice but to serve heavy meals as they require minimum of 5 dishes to book a party. It was only when I paid the reservation fee that I was informed about this.
• They have corkage for any other food that you will bring in.
• I have around 40+ kids who attended the party and the venue was really too small for my number of kids. Also, the place does not allow for the guests to interact as the venue is divided into three – one near the Cosmic kidz side, one inside the restaurant and another one in the open area which are all divided by a glass wall. And since the inside of the restaurant has a big bus décor in the middle, it makes the place even smaller and it is difficult for me to move from one area to another as there is not enough room so I was not able to entertain majority of my guests.

Service and food wise, I will give The Creamery an A+ rating. But unless they remove the big bus in the middle of the restaurant, then I won’t be booking anymore parties with them.

Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Become a Smart Shopper

In today’s tough economy, every penny counts. It’s becoming harder to come in under budget each month, but there are steps you can take to alleviate your financial situation. One such way is to become a smart shopper. Don’t just buy something the moment you see it; take the time to do research and use the Internet to score amazing deals so you can have extra change in your pocket.

Shop with gift cards. One way you can save a few dollars every time you spend is to shop with gift cards when you can get them for less than their face value. PlasticJungle.com is a great place to purchase gift cards at a discount. Savings include everything from 11% off Macy’s gift cards to up to 9% off Starbucks gift cards. Be on the lookout for discounted gift cards from sites like Groupon.com or LivingSocial.com.

Additionally, see if your local grocery store offers money off of gas for every dollar you spend there. If your grocery store sells gift cards, you can simply buy enough gift cards for a purchase you’re planning on making, thus upping your discounts on gas.

Search for coupon codes. Before you buy anything online, search for coupon codes. Sites like RetailMeNot.com compile hundreds of coupon codes, and you can easily search for the ones you need. If you prefer to shop at the brick-and-mortar stores, you can also find hundreds of coupons online. Manufacturers will often post coupons online, and stores like Target offer many printable coupons on its site.

Before you buy your car, do your research. Buying a car is a big purchases. Read Consumer Reports, and research the average price of cars in your area with sites like TrueCar.com. Also check for deals on cars that aren’t in your area; sometimes it’s cheaper to buy a discounted car and have it shipped to you.

Distracted Driving Laws Are Getting Tougher

You have probably heard about the dangers of texting while driving. Many cities and states have even issued bans on texting behind the wheel, promising that drivers caught with a “phone in one hand” will lead to a “ticket in the other,” as New York’s anti-distracted driving campaign states.

It is great news to learn that more and more states are putting a stop to this dangerous practice. It seems that many teenage and adult drivers think that they can somehow send a text, flip through mp3s, and drive all at the same time. Local government needs to take a stand to protect everyone else on the road.

The really good news, though, is that distracted driving laws have also attracted the attention of federal regulators. The Obama Administration banned all federal workers from texting behind the wheel. That means 4 million government employees now face consequences at work as well as in court. The federal government isn’t the only employer that has stepped up and demanded its employees start driving intelligently without distractions. Many companies have issued similar policies.

Companies working in the transportation and shipping industries, however, might not have much of a choice. The Department of Transportation has already managed to pass a few laws that prevent bus drivers and train operators from using mobile devices behind the wheel. As more and more evidence proves how dangers texting while driving really is, momentum grows in favor of new legislation that would protect everyone on the street.

To some extent, the problem with texting and driving is probably a failure of education. Parents who grew up without cell phones don’t teach their kids not to use their phones behind the wheel. Starting a national advertising campaign that teaches people about these dangers could potentially do more for safety that writing laws.

Taking Your Music with You In an iPod

The first iPod was created by Apple Inc. in 2001 and has been a huge success. The retail success of iPods has especially been obvious within the last few years, as the number of sales of these little music players increased. However, it does not seem that the sales of them will ever lose its momentum. iPods can be purchased with varying amounts of storage, and one of the latest versions is the iPod Touch. There are also a number of accessories available for the iPod, such as an iPod case, headphones, and digital camera accessories. These accessories not only help improve the general use of the iPod, but increase its ‘fun factor’ as well. The player is even small enough to be slipped into the pocket of your Tapout jeans.

The iPod is revolutionary in its design and function. Many people only think of it as an MP3 player, but depending on what generation of iPod you have purchased, it can play a large amount of music files, as well as video files, and store small amounts of text. With the ability to record, store, and play voice media, the Apple iPod player has become the popular “must have” device for the twenty-first century.

Access to a computer is necessary, as you will need to transfer music files from the computer’s hard drive to the storage area of the iPod. This is easy for anyone.

After the software has been properly installed on your computer, you are now able to transfer your music files over to the iPod, and are all set to start listening to your favorite music, right at your fingertips. Plus, with accessories such as an iPod case, you are now free to take your music with you, instead of only listening to it on the computer.

Book Week @ St. Scho

The day before Bela’s party was the Book Week celebration at school where each section will perform by singing one of the expanded version of Nursery Rhymes by Isa Tsapani. The St. Benedict’s class will sing the nursery rhyme “I am a Little Tea Pot” and so we were asked to prepare a tea pot head dress for Bela. Thanks to Bela’s Lolo June who made the cute and very unique and creative tea pot head dress for Bela.

Days before the program, Bela was so excited already and she kept on singing the “I’m a Little Tea Pot” song complete with action while at home. And so she really gave her all again (as always, as Bela just loves to perform on stage) during the program.

The stage mom and dad took lots of pictures and videos and of course we won’t home happy and proud with our daughter.

How to Run a Business as a Single Parent

If you are a single parent and a business owner, you may be feeling the stress of having so many daily duties that require your attention. While owning a business can be extremely rewarding because you no longer answer to the demands of an employer, it can also be draining as you try to ensure the venture remains successful.

Additionally, being a single parent simply adds another layer of complications to the situation because you have twice as many duties to deal with every day. As such, here are a few ways you can reduce the stress you are likely feeling to improve your happiness and make your business more successful.

Ask for Help When Necessary

Everyone has a breaking point. When you feel you’re reaching yours, then it’s time to ask for help. Whether you need additional assistance caring for your children or simply need someone to watch them for an evening while you finish up work duties or take some time for yourself, it’s important to do what you need to do.

If business operations are expanding so rapidly that you are no longer able to stay on top of your tasks, then hire more employees or outsource some work duties. For example, if you own rental properties, then searching for Mesa property management companies to take over the day-to-day operations of your buildings may be the best option.

Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

On those days when your stress level reaches its highest point, take time out to think about your life and reward yourself for the things you have accomplished. Being a single parent and a business owner deserves immense recognition and isn’t something most people are able to do. By recognizing how much you have achieved, you will find the energy to keep going during those difficult days.

Clothing, Electronics, and More for Black Friday

There is so much hype over getting the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list. All the stores are gearing up for their Black Friday sales, and other, smaller sales leading up to Christmas. Even clothing stores are getting ready for the holiday rush. One thing to think about when heading out to the stores is whether or not you are really getting that great of a deal.

So many people rush to the biggest and best stores for Black Friday to get a great deal on items that they want to get for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, in the last few years, the deals have not been all that great. Sure, you can still get fantastic prices on things, but it's not like it used to be. Saving a few bucks here or there isn't really worth some of the risks of Black Friday. In fact, people have died because of the "great deals."

Today, many people are deciding to go online to find their deals. Sometimes you can get the same Black Friday deals online that you would in the store. Unfortunately, this also means that these stores will inevitably go out of stock quickly. Recently, the trend of Cyber Monday has also started. The Monday after Black Friday, many online stores will offer great deals. Again, you have to be quick, because these deals will go fast. However, the great thing about Cyber Monday is that you don't have to worry about pushing through crowds.

Whether you are buying clothing, electronics, toys, or other items, you can still find some good deals. Deciding whether the crowds are worth it is completely up to each person and their own sense of a good deal. No matter what you choose, happy deal hunting this year, and good luck getting the perfect present.

How to Profit from Technology

I have been contemplating starting my own small business for years. One day, as I was online getting information on Tacori engagement rings for my sister, I thought I’d also do some research on how the use of technology would help a business run. It is no secret that the right technology can make a business more profitable and help eliminate some costs from a business. It can also allow business owners the ability to service more customers without the need of additional staff.
The following are tips supplied by various small business owners on how to save money on technology purchases:

1. Use Twitter - Many companies are using Twitter in order to broadcast and advertise their special offers, coupons and deals.
2. Google Alerts Use - Before purchasing a piece of technology, some business owner’s look to review websites on items they are interested in and set a Google Alert for the items. For several days they watch the price of the items and purchase when the prices are right for them.
3. The Use of Web-Based Software - Using this type of software helps save on maintenance costs and often eliminates the need for small business to buy expensive boxed software and then continuously needing the various upgrades that go with it. There are web-based applications that also have a great support team who are available at no additional cost, 24/7.
4. Office Productivity Software Use - Google offers versions of free spreadsheet applications, presentations, word processing, and e-mail. Sun offers free tools for productivity that includes presentation applications, spreadsheets, and a word processor. With Mozilla, business owners can get an email client and other applications.
5. Small Business Bartering - Businesses can help one another out. For example, one can offer help in web-design in exchange for phone set-up.

Bela's 5th Birthday Party @ The Creamery MOA

Last November 20 was Bela’s party with her classmates and some close friends and relatives at The Creamery in Mall of Asia. She had a Princess Tea Party as the theme for her birthday. Bela was the one who chose this theme and she specifically said that she has to wear a gown.

On the day of Bela’s party, we have to wake up early as we still have to drop by at St Scholastica for the measurement taking for Bela’s costume for her ballet recital this December. After St. Scho, we just dropped Bela home as her lola still has to set her hair. We left Bela and we have to leave right away as we still have to pick up the cake in Caloocan before heading to the venue to start setting up before the guests arrives.

When we arrived at the venue, the party before us just finished and so they are still fixing up the place. It was already 2:30 PM and our guests are starting to arrive already and they still have no place to stay. The staff of the Creamery finished with the setup by 3:00 PM and the party officially started by 3:30 PM. The host from the Creamery started with the games for the kids where everybody joined and had fun including the mommies. After the games was eating time. (I was not able to taste the food but my relatives said that the food was good.)
After eating time was the magic show by Amazing Arnold. I already watched him perform before though I did not get to watch his whole presentation this time. But from the looks in our guests’ faces, it looks like they had fun with Arnold. After the magic show was the Candle Blowing ceremony and the giving of the loot bags to the kids.

Looking at Bela’s face, it looks like she really had fun. This is the stage where she can really appreciate parties as she was even the one who plan for everything about the party. Plus her wish that her classmates will be there on her party came true as a lot of her classmates attended the party which really, really made Bela very happy and excited. She has been talking about this party for days which goes to show how happy she is with her Princess Tea Party.
Justify Full
So every handwork and penny that we dedicated for this party was all worth it.

Restaurants Should Offer Healthier Meal Options

Lately, there has been a push in the United States for restaurants to offer healthy entrées rather than the fat-filled and greasy options that have been popular up to this date. Many restaurants now feature these healthy items on their menu and promote them as a means of getting more customers in the door. It creates a win-win situation because the customer gets to eat healthy and feel good about choosing healthy food, and the restaurant gets more customers and backing. It’s a wonder why this business model hasn’t been captured by more companies.

More and more people are being health conscious these days. With the rise of obesity in the United States and children who are developing ever-worsening eating habits, it really is a good idea that restaurants are starting to offer more nutritious and healthy options. If more restaurants were to start offering weight-conscious items, there would be a trend of healthier habits throughout the entire country. Even most fast food companies are picking up on the trend. Salads are now a major choice at many fast food restaurants and children's items have been added such as apples and carrots instead of French fries.

Restaurants these days have a lot to worry about besides their menu, though. They also have to consider the cost of food. If it costs more money to serve healthier options, the menu items will cost more which might be a problem for the consumer. Businesses might also have to spend more money on commercial refrigeration since healthy items tend to need to be refrigerated more than the alternatives. These are all things that restaurants need to consider before making the switch to healthier meals, but if they do make the choice, hopefully it will draw more customers in and make up for the difference.

Patience as a Caregiver

Patience may have been eulogized in various contexts, but there's nothing like patience when it comes to senior/elder care. In fact, patience is probably more important than most medicines when it comes to caring for the elderly. Many old people do really have any particular disease as such, except that they are old. They may like to talk about their memories, they may find it difficult to do simple things like hygiene, and yet they may be fussy, attitudinal and angry. The most important care that you can give to them is to listen to them, pay attention, be kind and sympathetic when helping them with their daily tasks, and not respond in kind when they misbehave. Try to understand that their anger is not really directed at you, but by their own impotence and helplessness. It is not easy to be not able to do the simplest tasks; things that they may have done for decades. That makes them angry, and as a caregiver, you are required not to reflect that anger back at them.

Another way to be patient with the elderly is by listening to their ramblings. A seventy year old person has a thousand memories, and almost no one they can share them with, because it is possible that most of their peer group is dead. So, they have no one to talk to, no way to vent or just talk to someone, and a great part of caregiving for the elderly is to just listen and let them talk. That kind of patient attention is very difficult to have, sure, but it is also the primary quality that a caregiver for an elderly should have.

If you find it difficult to be patient, tell yourself how you would feel if your own children did not give you any attention when you become older. Just that thought will make you patient.

Gadget Review: Amazon Kindle

If you are looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift, all of the top affiliate programs agree that the Amazon Kindle is a great present to give to someone. The Amazon Kindle is an eReader that holds thousands of books at a time.

The Amazon Kindle is a lightweight gadget that is portable and able to be taken anywhere on the go. The best reason to have one of these devices is for use on vacations. You can load up your Kindle with as many books as you want and away you go. Instant reading for your whole vacation.

The Kindle comes with Wifi access and is great for downloading books even when you are not at home. However, some books on Amazon can get pretty pricey, so if you like to read all the new releases that come out, be prepared for some books on the Kindle being more expensive than the paperback version.

That being said, the best thing about the Kindle is the instant access you get to books. With one click of your mouse, you can start reading your new book on the Kindle in less than a minute. When not in use, you can either shut down the Kindle or it automatically goes into screensaver mode, where it displays impressive screensavers of classic authors.

For older people that have trouble seeing small print, the Kindle text adjusts to about five different sizes. While there is no backlight for reading in the dark, you can buy a Kindle case that comes with a booklight.

The Kindle is perfect for reading out in the sunlight while relaxing on the beach. There is no glare on the screen and the text doesn't fade from sitting out in the sun. It is definitely the popular gift to give this season.

Birthday Dinner with Family

After our half day tour at Manila Ocean Park and Bela’s party at Hospicio de San Jose, all I wanted to do is just lie down in bed and call it a day. But hubby is still up for partying and so he invited our guests for dinner after the party at Hospicio. The party was already finished by 4 PM and so we went home first as it is still too early for dinner. I was able to take a short nap while passing time and so I was able to recharge for a bit.

We went to Don Henrico’s in West Avenue as it is closer to our place than Greenhills which is where hubby initially wanted to go. I just let my cousins and my sister order for us as I really have no energy left.


After dinner, we requested that the crew sing Happy birthday for Bela and Bela was so surprised when all the crew went out and sang for her. They even asked Bela to join them as they sing and dance and Bela was just so excited to join them. They even have a small birthday cake for her and they even asked Bela to blow the candle.

Ocean Park, Hospicio de San Jose and dinner with family….I am sure this is the best way that Bela can ever celebrate her birthday.

Taking Advantage of Holiday Sales

With the economy the way that it is everyone loves to save money whenever they can. No matter how much people avoid shopping there will always be a need for it. Whether it is shopping for a holiday, essential clothing items or just picking up items for a friend or family member, shopping will always be a part of a person's daily life. So how can a person shop and be able to save at the same time?

The secret to shopping and saving lies in the all important holiday sales. Holiday sales happen roughly every two to three weeks. It seems any little holiday calls for a sale. There are President's Day Sales, Valentine's Day Sales, Christmas Sales and Columbus Day Sales. In fact, if there is a holiday there is probably a sale going on.

These sales and all the ads that come along with them might annoy the average person but these sales can really come in handy for these people. Holiday sales are a chance for stores to get ride of old inventory and drive up their sales figures for the month. That is why these holiday sales happen so often. Even with the frequency of all the sales, a person can still save a ton of money if they are shopping in the right stores and at the right time.

Many of these stores have started new trends known as preview sales. These sales allow people to preview a sale and be able to see what is on sale and if the shopper needs it. The stores believe this will kick start a lot of sales and get those people buying.

Holiday sales are a great time to get essential items that you need, just be careful that you don't go so wild at these sales that you need to take out emergency cash loans to afford your regular bills.

Dice Are Nice and the Table Is Able

One idea that's really found a presence in the marketplace (and an eager market) is custom-made gear for entertainment. This sort of thing can run the gamut from customized pool tables (art, mostly – there's only so much you can do to a pool table) to much more elaborate gear like custom poker tables, with a head-spinning number of designs on a basic concept.

The reasons to pursue this are many. People always like to put their custom stamp on something, for the sake of individuality, which is why people have been spreading graffiti, painting murals, and decking out their cars for a very long time. Artistic statement is a fundamental part of being human. But it gets more complicated then that with games. Games are a way for people to express themselves and imagine in a way and style they cannot otherwise. Customization offers a degree of creation and power otherwise unavailable to them.

You see this especially in the tabletop games, which involve complicated rules, statistical management and role-playing, but also a tremendous amount of customized gear for playing. People spend a lot of time painting their miniature characters with which, like chess pieces, they will act out their games. Some go so far as to build environments and the like to give the role-playing added tangibility.

Companies have seen this interest and catered to it. There is gear available that offers all kinds of convenience to complement and enable the creative urge in role-playing. The popular tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons, for example, has a powerful market in merchandise, whether it's fancy dice and screens for the dungeon master to hide his machinations, or elaborate tables with all kinds of accessories and design features. This kind of equipment is not cheap, but for those who can afford it, it provides additional excitement to the action.

Making Photos and Videos for Online Casino Sites

Many of the online casino sites like to make their sites feel welcoming and inviting to users to keep them coming back to visit as often as possible. To do this, they may use several creative ways to entice visitors to come back and to use their sites. Of course, online betting sites are a draw simply because of the possibility of the winnings, but betting sites want to ensure that their visitors have a pleasant experience while on their sites. They also want to make sure that they have something to share with their friends, in hopes that they, too, will visit the site and participate in the casino games.

The visual appeal of an online casino site is a very important component of the site. Making it enticing and appealing is achieved in several ways:

• By loading photos of casinos to give the visitor a general idea of the layout of the casinos. Although this is all virtual, it still gives the gamer the feeling that she is actually in the casino and a part of the action.

• Using photos to create a slideshow for the casino so that visitors get a better visual. These slideshow photos can be of different game tables, slot machines, etc. to make the visitor feel as if he were there.

• Using video clips from various areas of a casino to give the visitor a better visual of the casino. The clips can be loaded onto every site on the page for a better effect.

Being creative with the photos or the videos on the casino site can help it come alive and attract customers. A general use of colors and animation on the site is helpful, as is making any links on the site high quality ones. The end goal is to get visitors to return to the site because of its visual appeal.

Bela's 5th Birthday @ Hospicio de San Jose

Every year, we celebrate Bela’s birthday with the kids of Hospicio de San Jose as our thanksgiving and our way of showing gratitude for giving Bela good health all these years. It is already our 4th year in Hospicio (we celebrated Bela’s first birthday at Missionaries of Charity in Tayuman) and so the kids there know us already.

Since I called Hospicio two weeks before the date that I was eyeing (which is November 21 as it is also Cobi’s 5th month birthday), they already have a booked party on that date. So hubby suggested that we just do it on the 16th which is Bela’s actual birthdate. Luckily, November 16 was declared as a holiday so we were able to have the party early instead of the original plan of having it after the classes of the kids which is around 4:30 PM.

I just booked a party package again with Jollibee Mendiola as what I do every year. They arrived early and started setting up the balloons and the food as soon as they arrive. The kids started coming around 2 PM and we started the party around 2:30 PM when all the kids are present already.

They started with the games and Bela had fun joining the kids. Then it was eating time and then the presentation of Jollibee where he did a dance number. Then there was candle blowing and Bela and her dad sang a song for the kids again.

The party ended with the thank you song from the kids which never fails to touch my heart.

Thanks to my friends, colleagues and Twitter mates who donated cash and goods for the kids. They are really so thankful for the donations that we give them. Till next year…

Bela's 5th Bday Celebration @ Manila Ocean Park

Last November 16 was Bela’s 5th birthday. Hubby and I filed for a leave at work to be with Bela on her special day. It was a very long and special day for Bela:

• We started with a half day tour at Manila Ocean Park
• Then we partied with the kids at Hospicio de San Jose
• And lastly we had dinner with our family at Don Henrico’s

So let me start with our half day tour at Manila Ocean Park. I asked Bela if she wants to go to the Nido Science Centrum at SM Mall of Asia or at the Manila Ocean Park and Bela chose the latter.

We left early as we initially planned to catch the 9 AM Sea Lion Show but we arrived there past 9 AM already so we just decided to watch the afternoon show instead. We got their Marin Life Package which includes entrance to the Marine Habitat, Oceanarium, Jelly Fish Museum and Sea Lion Show all for only P500.

We started with the Marine Habitat and Bela enjoyed it right away. They have an underground section where you can see the sea lions swim and play under water and Bela did not get tired following the sea lion as they swim and play.

Our next stop is the Oceanarium. As always, it was a sure hit to Bela as she just loves animals.

Then we went to watch the Sea Lion show. The show was actually simpler than what we saw in Ocean Adventure in Subic but I am sure Bela still enjoyed the show.

It was 12 nn already when the show finished and so we decided to have lunch at Pancake House. After lunch we head straight to the Jellyfish Museum. This museum was nice and it looks like Jellyfish Museum in Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Bela even wanted to try the pool but we have to leave already for her party at Hospicio de San Jose. But I am sure even it was a short trip, Bela had so much fun.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bela @ 5

My princess is no longer a baby:


Me: “Ohh, I’m so sad Bela.”
Bela: “Why mom?”
Me: “Because you are so big already. I no longer have a baby.”
Bela: “But you still have a baby, you have Cobi.”
Me: “But I also want you to be my baby still. Can you be my baby forever?”
Bela: “I can’t be a baby forever mom because I will grow big.”
Me: “But can I still kiss you and hug you even if you are big already?”
Bela: “Yes mom.”
Me: “Promise me, okay that I can still hug and kiss you even if you are big already.”
Bela: “Yes mom, I promise. So don’t be sad now. Ok”

If only things are as simple as that. But I guess Bela is right, she can’t be my baby forever. I guess that is one fact that I have to face eventually. But not now…

Saturday, November 27, 2010

UN Celebration at St. Scho

I already uploaded the pictures that hubby took during the United Nations celebration at Bela’s school but I forgot to blog about it.


It was held last October 22, 2010 and Bela’s class is representing the country Hawaii. I just bought the grass skirt from SM and had her use her pink ballet uniform to go with the grass skirt.

The program started with the costume parade where each class went around the campus. Then there was a program at their Little theater where each class will perform. The two Jr. Prep class dance to the tune of the Lilo & Stitch song and Bela really gave her all to sway her hips to dance the hula. LOL. Just look at her video.

Then she was also selected to be a part of a group of kids who will sing the closing prayer. They sang “Jesus loves the little Children.”

As always, Howell and I were proud and beaming parents after Bela’s performance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

On Her Wedding Day

I am so excited when I saw in Flickr some pictures that Jojo took during Bela’s 5th birthday party at the Creamery. But there is one picture that I love and even caught the attention of some of my friends:

They said that they imagined Bela’s wedding day (I just hope that I still don’t need anti aging products by that time) after seeing this picture and made them really emotional. I was really emotional too when I was looking at Bela’s pictures as it hit me and I realized that Bela is really no longer a baby. As I posted in my previous entry, I was nearly in tears when I first saw Bela wearing this gown.

How I wish I can just hold her in my arms forever and she will forever be my baby. But I know that I have to let her spread her wings and find her destiny. I know that if we brought her up right, she will turn up to be a very fine lady.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Bela’s 5th birthday party at Hospicio de San Jose
Bela’s 5th birthday party at The Creamery
Book Week program at St. Scho
Cobi’s 5th month birthday celebration

These are just some of the pictures of my two kids that I have yet to download and upload in Facebook and Flickr. Hmm, I think it will be a bright idea to get a digital frame in the coming Black Friday sale so at least I can display the pictures of my kids instead of it just being stored in DVDs.

I know I should really sit down one day and try to select pictures that I will send for printing. Or better yet I should be like my friends who always take advantage of promos from Artscow and they make Photo Books of their pictures.

I guess this should be at the top of my To do list and I really, really should try to accomplish this before the year ends.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Big Sister

Bela just turned 5 years old last Tuesday. I can’t believe time really flies so fast and my baby is now a big girl already.

This also made me realize that it is really time for us to seriously consider making investments to secure the future of our kids. I am actually checking out the site of United States Gold Bureau as my husband and I are considering to buy gold bullion.

Gold is a very good investment as its value does not depreciate over time. It can also be easily converted to cash as gold is universally accepted. Its storage won’t be a problem also as it can be safely stored in a safety deposit box at home or arrangements can be made for its storage in any local banks.

I know time will fly just like that and before we know it, our kids are all grown up already. So now that we can still afford to make investments, we should really take this opportunity as it is for the security of our kids.

My Tea Pot

Today is Book Week for the Prep Students of St. Scholastica and each class will perform a song as their book piece. Bela and her classmates will be singing the expanded version of I’m a little Tea Pot. They need to wear a Sunday dress, a white gloves, doll shoes and white stockings plus they have to make a tea pot head piece.

Thanks to Bela’s lolo, my Tito June, who made this nice Tea Pot head piece for Bela:

My Tita Jie was the one who bought all the materials and my Tito June did all the hard work. It is actually a hat disguised as a tea pot as my uncle got the size of Bela’s head and carved a hole inside so it will fit in Bela’s head.

Bela is so excited to wear this for the show later. Of course the stage mother is more excited than Bela.

All Set for Tomorrow?

Am I ready for Bela’s party tomorrow? Well weight wise, I still did not accomplish my goal of losing weight before her party so I really had a hard time looking for a nice dress that will hide my bulges. I know I should just have use the best weight loss supplements. Maybe if I did, I will not have a hard time looking for a nice outfit to wear for tomorrow.

I also need to have a pedicure as I will be wearing sandals tomorrow. But I don’t know also if I will have time for that as I have to go to Bela’s school today for their Book Week program. Plus I still have a lot of pending work to finish and I have to pack and prepare the stuff that we will be bringing for tomorrow’s party.

Oh well, it is not my party and Bela is the star for tomorrow, not me. As long as Bela is all set up and everything is all set for the party, then there is nothing that I should worry about.

Christmas Shopping

Now that Bela is five years old already, I am sure she will enjoy Christmas more this year as she is already more aware of what is going on around her. That is why I will make sure that she will have presents to distribute to our relatives and friends come Christmas for our family reunion and when we visit my in-laws on Christmas day.

Just look at some of the family christmas gift ideas that I saw on the net:

I am just busy with Bela’s party preparations but her party is already set for tomorrow and hopefully after tomorrow, I can start choosing and shopping for the gifts that Bela will give to our relatives and friends on Christmas.

Last year, she helped me wrapped all the gifts and she even personally write her name on each of the Christmas gift tags that I made. I am sure she will be as excited again this year as we wrap all our Christmas presents.


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Mission Accomplished

This is a very busy week for Bela. She had a party at Hospicio de San Jose last Tuesday and thankfully it is a holiday so she doesn’t have to go to school before the party. Then it is Book Week in School and they will have a program to celebrate Book Week on Friday. They are required to wear a Sunday dress, with doll shoes, long white gloves, white stockings and tea pot cover as their head dress. Good thing she has a dress which I think can pass for a Sunday dress so I don’t have to go shopping for her costume and big thank you to my uncle who made the head dress for Bela.

On Saturday will be her party at the Creamery and it is also the first day of practice for the Christmas show of her ballet club. I am thinking now if I will still make her attend practice which is from 9 AM – 3 PM or I she will just skip the first day of practice so she will have a good rest before her party.

For two days also (Wednesday and Thursday), we have been going to malls to look for the shoes that she will wear on her party. Thank goodness we found one today.

So I guess I am close to accomplishing my mission for this week for Bela. The only thing left for me to do is pack her loots bags, prepare the things that we will bring for Saturday and then it is party time!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Time: Bela's 5th Birthday

Before I stay in front of the computer the whole day to look for colon cleanse that actually works, let me post here first Bela’s invitation made by her dad,for her party this coming Saturday.

We actually did not plan for a party for Bela but one day she told me that she already invited her classmates for her Princess Tea party and so the grand parents together with the aunts and my husband, started to pressure me to prepare for a party for Bela.

I read from Baby Center’s website that it is during this time where kids of Bela’s age will have a concept already of party planning. That is why for this party, Bela was really the boss as she decides for the theme, the gown that she will wear and even the souvenirs for the party.

And so everything is ready for the party:

• I finalize the menu already from the Creamery and I even ordered for an ice cream buffet (which I am really excited about).
• I have finalized the details already for the kid’s salon and glitter tattoo artists.
• We are almost finish distributing the invites.
• I have finalized the details for the magician and balloon artist.
• Howell already got the bag tags for the loot bags from the printing shop this morning.

All that is left for us to do is pack the loot bags and attached the tags and it is time to party, party!!