Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bela @ 5

My princess is no longer a baby:


Me: “Ohh, I’m so sad Bela.”
Bela: “Why mom?”
Me: “Because you are so big already. I no longer have a baby.”
Bela: “But you still have a baby, you have Cobi.”
Me: “But I also want you to be my baby still. Can you be my baby forever?”
Bela: “I can’t be a baby forever mom because I will grow big.”
Me: “But can I still kiss you and hug you even if you are big already?”
Bela: “Yes mom.”
Me: “Promise me, okay that I can still hug and kiss you even if you are big already.”
Bela: “Yes mom, I promise. So don’t be sad now. Ok”

If only things are as simple as that. But I guess Bela is right, she can’t be my baby forever. I guess that is one fact that I have to face eventually. But not now…