Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Supplier Ratings: The Creamery

My sister was the one who recommended The Creamery to me when I was looking for a venue for Bela’s birthday after she saw it in Facebook. Hubby and I visited the place and hubby liked it. I actually find it too small for the number of guests that I am having but hubby really like the venue and so I can’t say no to my Manager. LOL.

What I actually like about them:

• They have different party themes and each theme comes with free decoration according to the theme. We selected their Princess Theme and they decorated the venue with pink and purple balloon decors, Princess theme backdrop for the stage, horse drawn carriage, princess and castle standee and the crew are all dress up as Prince and princesses.
• Their party package is a little affordable (Shakey’s party package is still cheaper) and it comes with food for kids: spaghetti, mini burger, chicken, juice and ice cream; loot bags, name tags and party invites.
• They have a designated party coordinator who contacted me weeks before the party to coordinate the party details with me. The party coordinator was also present during the party and she was my point person whenever I have concerns during the party.
• I was so busy entertaining the guests that I was not able to pay attention to the program but according to my guests, their host was really good. He has good diction, good command of the English language and he knows how to catch the attention of the kids.
• I was not able to eat also but my relatives said that the food was good. And they gave us all our left overs including the ice cream from the ice cream buffet that was left after the party.
• They are flexible with the party program and I can bring my own magician without any corkage.
• The crew are attentive and there was one or two crew who is always assisting the host during the entire program to make it more organize.

What I did not like about them:

• I think they booked parties with only one hour interval per party so my guests already started to arrive starting at 2:30 PM and the party before us just finished by that time. We could have started the party at exactly 3:00 PM as almost all my guests are present already but they are still not finish with the setup by 3 PM and so we started the party 30 minutes later which gave us little time to finish the program. I still have the awarding for the best in costume but we did not have any time left for that. I wanted to get an extension but they won’t allow me as they have another party (our party was from 3-6 PM and there was a 7-10 PM party after us) after us.
• When I inquired for the price of the food, they did not mention nor was it indicated in the price sheet that there is an additional 12% VAT so I was not able to include that in my budget and this is no joke as it involves thousands if pesos.
• Also, when I inquired, they did not mention that there was a minimum number of dishes to order to book a party with them. So even if I just wanted to serve light snack as my party time is merienda time, I have no choice but to serve heavy meals as they require minimum of 5 dishes to book a party. It was only when I paid the reservation fee that I was informed about this.
• They have corkage for any other food that you will bring in.
• I have around 40+ kids who attended the party and the venue was really too small for my number of kids. Also, the place does not allow for the guests to interact as the venue is divided into three – one near the Cosmic kidz side, one inside the restaurant and another one in the open area which are all divided by a glass wall. And since the inside of the restaurant has a big bus décor in the middle, it makes the place even smaller and it is difficult for me to move from one area to another as there is not enough room so I was not able to entertain majority of my guests.

Service and food wise, I will give The Creamery an A+ rating. But unless they remove the big bus in the middle of the restaurant, then I won’t be booking anymore parties with them.


Jane said...

hi...we have just settle our reservation fee and saw this blog. are those loot bags the same loot bags that is part of their package? they're all nice :D Thanks

Mary said...

Just want to ask you if the candyland or banana split is different from the ice cream that they are referring to in their package? I can't understand their without ice cream and with ice cream rate. I hope you can enlighten me on this matter. Thanks.