Monday, November 29, 2010

Restaurants Should Offer Healthier Meal Options

Lately, there has been a push in the United States for restaurants to offer healthy entrées rather than the fat-filled and greasy options that have been popular up to this date. Many restaurants now feature these healthy items on their menu and promote them as a means of getting more customers in the door. It creates a win-win situation because the customer gets to eat healthy and feel good about choosing healthy food, and the restaurant gets more customers and backing. It’s a wonder why this business model hasn’t been captured by more companies.

More and more people are being health conscious these days. With the rise of obesity in the United States and children who are developing ever-worsening eating habits, it really is a good idea that restaurants are starting to offer more nutritious and healthy options. If more restaurants were to start offering weight-conscious items, there would be a trend of healthier habits throughout the entire country. Even most fast food companies are picking up on the trend. Salads are now a major choice at many fast food restaurants and children's items have been added such as apples and carrots instead of French fries.

Restaurants these days have a lot to worry about besides their menu, though. They also have to consider the cost of food. If it costs more money to serve healthier options, the menu items will cost more which might be a problem for the consumer. Businesses might also have to spend more money on commercial refrigeration since healthy items tend to need to be refrigerated more than the alternatives. These are all things that restaurants need to consider before making the switch to healthier meals, but if they do make the choice, hopefully it will draw more customers in and make up for the difference.


Joan Gillies said...

Restaurants should offer healthier meals. I agree. It would make for a better... well, everything, really. But, as you noted, sometimes it's tough when the restaurants have a lot "on their plate" (so to speak).

It's imperative that they find excellent suppliers for things you mentioned like commercial refrigeration, restaurant supply, etc. If they spend too much time and money on buying the equipment for the restaurant, they will probably "cut corners" when it comes to smaller things such as the health and wellness of their main entrees.

Anyways, good post. I enjoy reading your blog. Take care.