Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Time: Bela's 5th Birthday

Before I stay in front of the computer the whole day to look for colon cleanse that actually works, let me post here first Bela’s invitation made by her dad,for her party this coming Saturday.

We actually did not plan for a party for Bela but one day she told me that she already invited her classmates for her Princess Tea party and so the grand parents together with the aunts and my husband, started to pressure me to prepare for a party for Bela.

I read from Baby Center’s website that it is during this time where kids of Bela’s age will have a concept already of party planning. That is why for this party, Bela was really the boss as she decides for the theme, the gown that she will wear and even the souvenirs for the party.

And so everything is ready for the party:

• I finalize the menu already from the Creamery and I even ordered for an ice cream buffet (which I am really excited about).
• I have finalized the details already for the kid’s salon and glitter tattoo artists.
• We are almost finish distributing the invites.
• I have finalized the details for the magician and balloon artist.
• Howell already got the bag tags for the loot bags from the printing shop this morning.

All that is left for us to do is pack the loot bags and attached the tags and it is time to party, party!!