Friday, November 19, 2010

My Tea Pot

Today is Book Week for the Prep Students of St. Scholastica and each class will perform a song as their book piece. Bela and her classmates will be singing the expanded version of I’m a little Tea Pot. They need to wear a Sunday dress, a white gloves, doll shoes and white stockings plus they have to make a tea pot head piece.

Thanks to Bela’s lolo, my Tito June, who made this nice Tea Pot head piece for Bela:

My Tita Jie was the one who bought all the materials and my Tito June did all the hard work. It is actually a hat disguised as a tea pot as my uncle got the size of Bela’s head and carved a hole inside so it will fit in Bela’s head.

Bela is so excited to wear this for the show later. Of course the stage mother is more excited than Bela.