Friday, November 05, 2010

Country Fair @ SSC

Last October 23, the Prep students had a Country Fair as part of their two day United Nations celebration. There were a lot of activities that the teachers have prepared to make their first ever United Nations celebration memorable:


1. Exhibit of Different Countries: The prep rooms have been decorated with different things and items that you would normally see for the particular country adopted by that room/section. Teachers asked for parent volunteers to decorate each room. Howell and I were part of the parent volunteers and we helped the other parents to decorate the St. Scholastic room so that it will have a Europe feel.

During the country fair, the students where given passport and it will be stamped every time they visit the exhibit set up in each of the rooms. The kids had so much fun as they get to see and explore the different items set up in each room as if they are traveling in different countries. Foods were also served so the kids (and also the parents) were able to taste the different specialty food of each country.

2. Game Booths. Teachers set up different game booths where each of the students can get to play. Each student will get to bring home a prize after playing in each of the game booths.

It was really a very fun and successful event and Bela really had the time of her life.