Friday, November 19, 2010

All Set for Tomorrow?

Am I ready for Bela’s party tomorrow? Well weight wise, I still did not accomplish my goal of losing weight before her party so I really had a hard time looking for a nice dress that will hide my bulges. I know I should just have use the best weight loss supplements. Maybe if I did, I will not have a hard time looking for a nice outfit to wear for tomorrow.

I also need to have a pedicure as I will be wearing sandals tomorrow. But I don’t know also if I will have time for that as I have to go to Bela’s school today for their Book Week program. Plus I still have a lot of pending work to finish and I have to pack and prepare the stuff that we will be bringing for tomorrow’s party.

Oh well, it is not my party and Bela is the star for tomorrow, not me. As long as Bela is all set up and everything is all set for the party, then there is nothing that I should worry about.