Monday, May 31, 2010

Beauty Industry?

If you will ask me if we have plans of migrating to the US, my answer as of the moment is still No. I love the comfortable life that we live here now. My family just lives beside our house so we can count on them anytime for help. We have a nanny and house help who help us with all the things that we need at home so I can’t give up that life right now.

But I can’t help imagine what career Bela might choose if ever we decide to move to the US. I saw the website of Maryland Beauty School and I think that the fashion and beauty industry is one career path Bela can take.

Maryland Beauty School is among one of the 30 campuses of Regency Beauty Institute across nine states. They provide nothing but the best beauty training as their campuses are like high end salons so their students can be guaranteed effective hands-on experience. Their instructors are nothing but the best in the beauty industry so they can give their students the best training. Plus factor of Regency Beauty Institute is that they have placement connections so they can help their students get a job after finishing the course.

It is still a long way from now before Bela graduates from high school but all we can promise her is that we will support her in whatever career path she chose to take.

She Loves the Beach

Bela: “Mom, I did not go to the beach today.” (What she means is that she was not able to go to the beach this summer).

I actually am thinking if I can still manage to travel now that I am already 8th month pregnant so we can give Bela her wish to go to the beach. But I find it really difficult already as my tummy is getting heavy and I find it hard (and sometimes even painful) to walk or move or do anything.

So I just promised Bela that I will read lipofuze reviews as early as now so I will know what pills to take to help me loose weight fast so we can hit the beach soon after I give birth. She actually like the idea especially when I told her that it will be more fun since her baby brother will be with us for this trip and so she can build sand castles and enjoy the beach with her baby brother.

I actually am dreaming of going to Cebu or Bohol. I will start saving up for this trip as I really wanted to visit the beach when our baby boy is already big enough to travel. Hopefully by December of this year or January 2011.

7th Session with Aqualogic

Last Friday was Bela’s 7th session for her swimming class with Aqualogic. Teacher Ria, the head teacher, gave Bela a one-on-one session as she noticed that Bela already knows the basics and so she wants Bela to advance.

But Bela got really scared. Teacher Ria knows her capacity so she is really pushing Bela to try harder. But you know Bela, sometimes she can be really stubborn and the more you push her, the more she will not follow. And so she was just crying all the time Teacher Ria was coaching her and she was really resisting. When Teacher Ria asked her to swim on her own, Bela panicked and was asking Teacher Ria to help her. But Teacher Ria knows that Bela can make it on her own and so she did not helped Bela.

But Teacher Ria was really persistent and she did not really stopped until Bela listened to her. They even extended for like 30 minutes just to make Bela listen. And just like what Teacher Ria predicted, she was able to make Bela follow her and she was able to teach Bela the basic of breathing.

But when we went home, Bela was saying “Mom, I am tired swimming. No more swimming class for me.” LOL. I was actually planning to let her continue for another 8-12 sessions this coming June. She still has one more session left for this summer schedule. I will see then how she will react this coming Friday and will decide from there if we will enroll her for their June schedule or not.

Bela @ the ER Part 2

I was reading about car insurance reviews last night as I want to do my research as early as now for our car insurance when hubby called my attention and showed me the rashes on Bela’s arms and legs. As I posted here, we went to the Emergency Room last night as we know that if the allergy spread, there is a possibility that Bela might have difficulty breathing.

As much as possible, I hate bringing Bela to the Emergency Room as I know that it is their standard operating procedure to conduct all laboratory exams to rule out what is causing the problem. The last time we went to the ER was when Bela had a high grade fever and it was really a very traumatic experience for Bela. But look at Bela last night while she was at the Emergency Room:

One of the patients in the pediatric department was dancing and when Bela saw the boy, she asked me why he is dancing. This is our conversation:

Bela: “Mom, why is the boy dancing.”
Me: “Because he is happy because he will not be getting an injection from the doctors.”
Bela: “Oh, me too. So I will dance too.”

And so she started dancing.

When the doctor approached Bela:

Bela: “Doctor, no injection please. I am just here because I just want to ask you why I am turning red.”

I was really glad that the rashes subsided while we are at the Emergency Room and so the doctor just advised us to continue giving her anti-histamine for the allergy. I hope this is the last time that we will have a trip to the Emergency Room.

Enrolled: St. Scholastica It Is

Last May 17 was the enrollment for incoming Prep students at St. Scholastica. I was not able to file a leave from work so my mom was the one who enrolled Bela. I was actually planning to enroll Bela myself as I wanted to inquire in the admin office if they allow food franchise in their cafeteria as I read about best franchise opportunities and hubby and I are considering getting any of the food franchise that we think is suitable in a school environment.

My mom said that it was just a fast procedure as everything was organized. They were also able to buy for Bela’s school supplies already as it is available in the bookstore. My mom was hesitant to buy it there as she is thinking that it will be cheaper in National Bookstore but I told her that it is already crowded at National Bookstore and I don’t have time to go shopping already so it would be better if she buy all of Bela’s stuff there.

A seamstress is also present during the enrollment and they took Bela’s measurements already and we can get the uniform on June 2.

I can’t believe that my baby is now in Kinder already. I can’t help but feel scared for her as I know that big school is a different setup and I am really hoping that she can really cope up. Hope there are no bullies there who will bully by baby.

Bela is really excited as she likes the environment of St. Scholastica when we went there several times when we inquired and when she took the exam. I just really hope that we really made a good decision in choosing St. Scho for Bela’s school.

Bela's 5th Birthday Party

I was reading about colon cleanse reviews when I realized that tomorrow is June already and I still haven’t thought of Bela’s fifth birthday. Actually, I am still not sure if we will throw a party for her or not but Bela has been talking about her plans already for her fifth birthday party. She said that she wants to have a Tea Party with the Princess theme. LOL. I don’t know where she got that and why all of a sudden, she suddenly like the Disney Princesses. But she said that she wants to wear a princess gown and drink tea with her friends whom she will invite and will be wearing princess gown also.

We haven’t had our orientation yet with St. Scholastica so I am not sure if they allow parties in school. If they do, I might just bring food and loot bags for Bela’s classmates and just have a cake blowing ceremony. If not, maybe we can consider Shakey’s for a small party.

We’ll see. My mom was teasing me that I already forgot about Bela’s party because I am so busy thinking about our baby boy’s christening and party. LOL. So I have to make it up with Bela.

Bela @ ER

We brought Bela to the Emergency Room last night. Since last Friday, we noticed that she has red spots on her cheeks and rashes on her arms. We just gave her Loraped (anti histamine medicine prescribed by her Developmental Pedia) and the rashes went away. But then the next day, the rashes on her arms are back again and so we gave her 5 ml of Loraped and the rashes disappeared again.

Howell and I got alarmed yesterday because we noticed that she have rashes on her back, arms and her legs are so red already that we decided to go to the Emergency room. We checked and she has no fever so we got a little peace of mind that at least it is not measles.

We told Bela that we will go to the hospital so the doctors can check on her and her first answer was “Mom, no injection please.” The last time we brought her to the hospital was when she had high grade fever and they have to conduct CBC and other laboratory exams that is why she is really scared when she saw the Emergency Room again. She kept on telling the nurses and the doctors that she doesn’t want injection and she only wants to ask the doctor why she is turning red.

Good thing the rashes and the redness subside again when we are at the Emergency Room and so the doctor just prescribed Loraped and advised us to give to her consistently for 5 days.

I will bring her in for check up also to her Developmental Pedia just to be sure…

6th Swimming Session with Aqualogic

Before I look for information about 7-dfbx, let me post here first the video of Bela during her sixth swimming session with Aqualogic:

Bela is the one wearing the orange rash guard and is wearing the white swimming cap. She is the one sitting on the mat first while waiting for her turn to jump.

This is one of her favorite activities during class. I was really amazed at how brave she is and is not like me when I was a kid when I was really scared of the water. LOL. And only after six sessions, they were able to teach Bela how to swim. See how she can float and swim. At first I thought that they were holding her hands and is pulling her that is why she was able to swim but I was surprised when I realized that Bela is swimming all by herself.

But she still has to learn how to do the breathing and they are having a hard time teaching her the back stroke as Bela finds it ticklish every time she has to lie on her back to do the backstroke.

They will have a Saturday class this coming June at Colegio San Agustin and we are planning to let her continue with Aqualogic’s Advance Swimming program.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Do

I am almost to the finish line and it is just a matter of days before I give birth. Though I am finish shopping for most of the stuffs that our baby boy needs like nursing and feeding essentials and baby clothes, there are still a lot to prepare for the coming of our baby boy.

The first one on the list is the clean up of our second room where we plan to move. I know you have been reading about this plan a number of times already here in my blog but unfortunately, up to know we are still not finish with that project. Hubby has been really busy and weekends are his only free time but we always have other thing to do during the weekends. Second is to shop for nursery linens and nursery finishing. We also need to clean the stroller and the crib that Bela used four years ago.

I am starting to feel the stress already. Hope that we will really finish all of this before I pop.

Friday, May 28, 2010

RL Sale Alert + Free Shipping

I was checking out the site, but then I got distracted when I saw the email from Ralph Lauren regarding their Summer Sale. They have some baby clothes that are 25% off and it even comes with free shipping.

I missed the last Ralph Lauren sale because they won’t accept my credit cards for payment. Even the US paypal of my friends was not accepted too (which we don’t know the reason why) so the sale ended and we were not able to get anything.

So I am hoping that I will be able to buy the items that are sitting on my shopping cart for days now and even avail of the free shipping. Here are a few items that I want to buy for baby boy and for Bela:

The sale is until June 1, 2010 so hurry if you do not want to miss Ralph Lauren’s Summer Sale.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aqualogic Swim-a-thon & Graduation Day

This coming Sunday, May 30, will be Bela’s graduation for her swimming class (though she still has 3 lessons left). It will be held at Colegio de San Agustin from 7:00 AM to 12 noon.

I received the invitation and I got really excited. The main activities for this special day include 15- , 30-, and 45-Minute Swim-a-thons for students enrolled in “Aqua Kids” and “Aqua Tech”. These fun contests are intended to raise funds for the benefit of Greenpeace Philippines. Bela belongs to the Aqua Kids class but I am not sure though if she can join the swim-a-thon as she is just in the beginner level. I asked about it to Teacher Ria and she told me that they will just let the kids do whatever they are doing in class.

Aside from the Swimathon, they will also be holding the exhibition drills and Graduation ceremonies for students of the “Aqua Babes” and “Aqua Kids” program. The culminating activity will be the awarding of Certificates to students of the “Aqua Babes” and “Aqua Kids” programs, as well as prizes for the top-performing teams in the Swim-a-thon.

Bela really enjoyed her swimming lessons with Aqualogic and I am really amazed at her improvement. She is so good already. I learned that they will have Saturday classes already starting June at Colegio de San Agustin and I am thinking to let Bela continue with the program.

A Beach House for Bela

I was talking to Bela last night and I was asking her where she wants to go on a vacation when her baby brother comes out. I was asking her to choose between Hong Kong Disneyland and Singapore Zoo, but instead her answer is: “I want to go to the beach mom.”

We were not able to go to the beach this summer because I was not able to plan in advance and so all the popular beach resorts are all fully booked when I was trying to make a reservation. And besides I can’t travel too since I am already 6th month pregnant that time.

If only we have a beach house just like the Tamarindo Real Estate which is located in what used to be a secret paradise of Costa Rica, then Bela could enjoy the beach anytime she wants. This location is one of the most popular real estate markets today and a lot of condo and house developers are starting to construct properties here.

If you want to know more about this magnificent real estate, contact any of Tamarindo realtor and they can provide you with all the information that you want.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shopping for Big School

I was suppose to look for plus size lingerie as a gift for the bridal shower that we will be attending this weekend but Bela won’t stop bugging me unless we find a Littlest Petshop bag.

She saw her Tito Jego and Tita Aliah browsing the net to look for schools bags since school is opening soon and she can’t wait for her turn to choose her own bag. But she is definite that she wants a Littlest Petshop bag since I already ordered a Littlest Petshop thermos drinking bottle for her. But I searched from all the possible online shopping sites that I know and did not find any Littlest Petshop bag.

Luckily, I discovered Skip Hop after seeing it from a multiply seller. They have a cute Zoo Packs Backpacks and Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bags. I showed it to Bela and she was ignoring it at first because she is definite that she wants a Littlest Petshop bag. But with a little convincing, I get her to say yes and she chose these for her bag and lunch pack:

I am sure she will be excited to use this on her first day of school.

For the Best Dad

Father’s Day is coming soon and Bela and I have to think of a nice gift for the special man in our life. If only Howell is smoking, I would have bought those discount cigars as our gift for him. But I am running out of ideas on what to give Howell for his special day.

bela 137

Howell is truly the best father. He is responsible, patient, loving, hardworking and a good provider. He has a lot of plans for the future for us and how he can give us a better life. Since I had a very difficult pregnancy, Howell has always been there for me to support me and to take care of me. I know sometimes he is so tired after a long day at work, but I never heard him complain even for one single bit when he has to do some errands for me and Bela since I can’t work while I was on bed rest.

So I would really want to make this Father's Day extra special for Howell. Any suggestions on how I can pull a special Father’s Day celebration?

Officially a St. Scholastican

Bela is officially a St. Scholastican. My mom enrolled her at St. Scholastica yesterday and she will be in Junior Prep. We haven’t attended the Parent’s Orientation yet but Howell and I both have a good feeling about St. Scholastica (I guess it is mother’s instinct) that is why we decided to enroll her there instead of St. Theresa’s College.

They just went there today so the seamstress can get the measurements for Bela’s uniform. My mom also bought the school supplies for Bela already so almost all her things needed for school are complete already. We just need to look for a plain white rubber shoes for her PE.

I am one excited mommy. The first day of class will be on June 15 and I am taking a leave from work so I will be there as Bela embarks on another journey. I just hope though that I haven’t given birth by then. LOL. Bela is really excited too as she chose St. Scholastica over STC also. Hope Bela will have a great time at school and I hope we did not make the wrong decision in enrolling Bela to St. Scho.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swimming Lessons with Aqualogic

Today was Bela’s 4th session with Aqualogic and I am really happy and impressed with how fast they we’re able to teach Bela the basics on learning how to swim. Bela spent three summers with Bert Lozada and she didn’t even learn how to float. Though I must give them credit also as Bela learns to be confident while in the water, maybe, because of them.

I was checking (since Shangri-La has Wifi access in their pool bar), and I was surprised when I saw Bela floating and kicking in the water. I even saw her holding to a rubber dumbbell and she was swimming all by herself. So I dropped my Iphone and started clicking away with my camera so i can show Howell, Bela's progress with her swimming.

bela 530bela 520
The teachers just let the kids be independent so they will learn to swim on their own. For the past two sessions, they are already teaching the students the basics of freestyle.

I inquired with Teacher Ria and they will be offering weekend classes this June at Colegio de San Agustin so I am thinking if I should let Bela continue with Aqualogic’s advance swimming class. If only I am not worried that she will get really dark, I will not really think twice and would have sign up right away for their June class. LOL.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Milestone

Before I look for the best acne treatments, let me post here first some recent updates on Bela.

If you remember, a few months back that we have been struggling to teach Bela how to write. Writing is really something that Bela hates doing and it will really need a lot of convincing before we can ask her to write even just one letter every time she does her writing assignments. It was also noted by the Admissions Officer of St. Scholastica as they noticed how much Bela struggled with her writing when she had her entrance exam there. We were even warned that we should really train her before June so she won’t have a hard time coping in Jr. Prep.

We enrolled her to the Magic Strokes class this summer at her school and she is also enrolled since February in the Enopi (Math & English) program. Since then, we really noticed a big improvement on Bela. She can now write the letters and numbers even without the tracing lines. She even loves doing her assignment in Enopi and we even have to beg her to stop and remind her that it is already time to go to sleep. She also loves coloring, drawing, and doing artwork. Just look at her recent at project:

She asked her Tita Iah to draw June and her dad to draw Leo of the Little Einsteins and she colored the two drawings in one sitting. At least now, my worries on her big adjustment to big school have been lessened because of this latest improvement.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

For Their Future

Bela is really going to be an ate soon. I am already on my 7th month of pregnancy which means that in a couple of months, Bela will see her baby brother.

Howell and I are so excited and so is the rest of our family for the coming of our baby boy. Now that our family is growing, hubby and I sat down one afternoon and discuss the future of our kids.

We should not only rely on our work but we should also have other investments to save for the future of our kids. We have been reading the site United States Gold Bureau where we learn a lot about gold investments. After browsing their site, we are now considering to buy gold coins.

Gold is a very good investment since it doesn’t depreciate in time so it is a very stable investment. Also, it can be easily stored in a safe at home or in a bank since it only requires a small space. It is also widely accepted so we can easily convert it to cash.

The future of our kids will always be our top priority and with gold investment, we can never go wrong.

Big School Decisions for Bela

Time flies so fast. April just passed by like that and it is already May which means it is the enrollment month already. Bela is definitely going to big school this June but the question is, which school. I paid reservation at St. Theresa’s College and St Scholastica. We had our Parent Orientation at STC already bit the schedule for Parent’s Orientation for St. Scholastica has been moved to June (before classes begin).

We really should make up our minds on where we should enroll Bela before the enrolment period so wish us luck and hopefully we will be able to come up with a good decision on where to send Bela for school.

Swimming Class with Aqualogic

bela 495

Bela had her second session for her swimming class with Aqualogic last Friday and she is really having so much fun. I haven’t blogged about it but you can check out some of the pictures of her first session here.

I love Aqualogic’s style better than Bert Lozada. In her first day of class, they were able to make Bale go under water and teach her how to float. I was really amazed. I am just so busy with work right now but I promise I will blog about it here and post more pictures.

If only I am not concerned that Bela will get dark, I will still enroll her even after the summer months are over as I really wanted her to be a good swimmer. But she only had two sessions but she is so dark already. LOL. So I guess after her 8 sessions this summer, we will just go back for another class next summer vacation.