Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Officially a St. Scholastican

Bela is officially a St. Scholastican. My mom enrolled her at St. Scholastica yesterday and she will be in Junior Prep. We haven’t attended the Parent’s Orientation yet but Howell and I both have a good feeling about St. Scholastica (I guess it is mother’s instinct) that is why we decided to enroll her there instead of St. Theresa’s College.

They just went there today so the seamstress can get the measurements for Bela’s uniform. My mom also bought the school supplies for Bela already so almost all her things needed for school are complete already. We just need to look for a plain white rubber shoes for her PE.

I am one excited mommy. The first day of class will be on June 15 and I am taking a leave from work so I will be there as Bela embarks on another journey. I just hope though that I haven’t given birth by then. LOL. Bela is really excited too as she chose St. Scholastica over STC also. Hope Bela will have a great time at school and I hope we did not make the wrong decision in enrolling Bela to St. Scho.