Monday, May 31, 2010

Bela's 5th Birthday Party

I was reading about colon cleanse reviews when I realized that tomorrow is June already and I still haven’t thought of Bela’s fifth birthday. Actually, I am still not sure if we will throw a party for her or not but Bela has been talking about her plans already for her fifth birthday party. She said that she wants to have a Tea Party with the Princess theme. LOL. I don’t know where she got that and why all of a sudden, she suddenly like the Disney Princesses. But she said that she wants to wear a princess gown and drink tea with her friends whom she will invite and will be wearing princess gown also.

We haven’t had our orientation yet with St. Scholastica so I am not sure if they allow parties in school. If they do, I might just bring food and loot bags for Bela’s classmates and just have a cake blowing ceremony. If not, maybe we can consider Shakey’s for a small party.

We’ll see. My mom was teasing me that I already forgot about Bela’s party because I am so busy thinking about our baby boy’s christening and party. LOL. So I have to make it up with Bela.