Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swimming Lessons with Aqualogic

Today was Bela’s 4th session with Aqualogic and I am really happy and impressed with how fast they we’re able to teach Bela the basics on learning how to swim. Bela spent three summers with Bert Lozada and she didn’t even learn how to float. Though I must give them credit also as Bela learns to be confident while in the water, maybe, because of them.

I was checking (since Shangri-La has Wifi access in their pool bar), and I was surprised when I saw Bela floating and kicking in the water. I even saw her holding to a rubber dumbbell and she was swimming all by herself. So I dropped my Iphone and started clicking away with my camera so i can show Howell, Bela's progress with her swimming.

bela 530bela 520
The teachers just let the kids be independent so they will learn to swim on their own. For the past two sessions, they are already teaching the students the basics of freestyle.

I inquired with Teacher Ria and they will be offering weekend classes this June at Colegio de San Agustin so I am thinking if I should let Bela continue with Aqualogic’s advance swimming class. If only I am not worried that she will get really dark, I will not really think twice and would have sign up right away for their June class. LOL.