Sunday, May 02, 2010

Swimming Class with Aqualogic

bela 495

Bela had her second session for her swimming class with Aqualogic last Friday and she is really having so much fun. I haven’t blogged about it but you can check out some of the pictures of her first session here.

I love Aqualogic’s style better than Bert Lozada. In her first day of class, they were able to make Bale go under water and teach her how to float. I was really amazed. I am just so busy with work right now but I promise I will blog about it here and post more pictures.

If only I am not concerned that Bela will get dark, I will still enroll her even after the summer months are over as I really wanted her to be a good swimmer. But she only had two sessions but she is so dark already. LOL. So I guess after her 8 sessions this summer, we will just go back for another class next summer vacation.