Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the Best Dad

Father’s Day is coming soon and Bela and I have to think of a nice gift for the special man in our life. If only Howell is smoking, I would have bought those discount cigars as our gift for him. But I am running out of ideas on what to give Howell for his special day.

bela 137

Howell is truly the best father. He is responsible, patient, loving, hardworking and a good provider. He has a lot of plans for the future for us and how he can give us a better life. Since I had a very difficult pregnancy, Howell has always been there for me to support me and to take care of me. I know sometimes he is so tired after a long day at work, but I never heard him complain even for one single bit when he has to do some errands for me and Bela since I can’t work while I was on bed rest.

So I would really want to make this Father's Day extra special for Howell. Any suggestions on how I can pull a special Father’s Day celebration?