Monday, May 31, 2010

7th Session with Aqualogic

Last Friday was Bela’s 7th session for her swimming class with Aqualogic. Teacher Ria, the head teacher, gave Bela a one-on-one session as she noticed that Bela already knows the basics and so she wants Bela to advance.

But Bela got really scared. Teacher Ria knows her capacity so she is really pushing Bela to try harder. But you know Bela, sometimes she can be really stubborn and the more you push her, the more she will not follow. And so she was just crying all the time Teacher Ria was coaching her and she was really resisting. When Teacher Ria asked her to swim on her own, Bela panicked and was asking Teacher Ria to help her. But Teacher Ria knows that Bela can make it on her own and so she did not helped Bela.

But Teacher Ria was really persistent and she did not really stopped until Bela listened to her. They even extended for like 30 minutes just to make Bela listen. And just like what Teacher Ria predicted, she was able to make Bela follow her and she was able to teach Bela the basic of breathing.

But when we went home, Bela was saying “Mom, I am tired swimming. No more swimming class for me.” LOL. I was actually planning to let her continue for another 8-12 sessions this coming June. She still has one more session left for this summer schedule. I will see then how she will react this coming Friday and will decide from there if we will enroll her for their June schedule or not.