Monday, May 31, 2010

Bela @ the ER Part 2

I was reading about car insurance reviews last night as I want to do my research as early as now for our car insurance when hubby called my attention and showed me the rashes on Bela’s arms and legs. As I posted here, we went to the Emergency Room last night as we know that if the allergy spread, there is a possibility that Bela might have difficulty breathing.

As much as possible, I hate bringing Bela to the Emergency Room as I know that it is their standard operating procedure to conduct all laboratory exams to rule out what is causing the problem. The last time we went to the ER was when Bela had a high grade fever and it was really a very traumatic experience for Bela. But look at Bela last night while she was at the Emergency Room:

One of the patients in the pediatric department was dancing and when Bela saw the boy, she asked me why he is dancing. This is our conversation:

Bela: “Mom, why is the boy dancing.”
Me: “Because he is happy because he will not be getting an injection from the doctors.”
Bela: “Oh, me too. So I will dance too.”

And so she started dancing.

When the doctor approached Bela:

Bela: “Doctor, no injection please. I am just here because I just want to ask you why I am turning red.”

I was really glad that the rashes subsided while we are at the Emergency Room and so the doctor just advised us to continue giving her anti-histamine for the allergy. I hope this is the last time that we will have a trip to the Emergency Room.