Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last Monday was one of those days when I am not in the mood. In between my frustration because I still hasn’t loose weight (that I started to read about diet pill reviews) then hearing a bad news from my mom regarding one of the tenants for our apartment plus some family issues, I cracked down and loose my temper.

It was already 9:30 PM as we just finished the 8th month birthday celebration of Jacobo and I remembered that I still have to help Bela with her Kumon worksheets. Of course since it is late already and Bela is already tired and sleepy, she is also not that cooperative that I started to loose my patience and started shouting at her.

I felt guilty after as I realized that she is just a kid and she had a very long day already so I should not be pressuring her that much. So I just walked out and went to our room and just asked her aunt to do the worksheets with Bela.

Well I guess I am only human and there are really times when things like this will happen. But I have to find a way to make it up with Bela…..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Her First Time in Resorts World

Last February 5, we attended Gab’s 2nd birthday in Hospicio de San Jose. Since we were already late for Bela’s swimming class after the party, we just decided to go to the mall and we all agreed that it is the perfect time to check out Resorts World.

After stopping several times to ask for directions, we were finally able to reach New Port mall. Bela was really excited as she noticed that she hasn’t been to this mall so we jump out of the car as soon as we found the perfect parking spot to enjoy the mall. And we were so lucky since we are just in time for the Lion Dance show:

Bela got a bit scared when she first saw the lion dancers but then she started playing and dancing with them when she saw the other kids going near the lion dancers. Just look at some of her pictures:

After the show, we explored the mall to check out the stores housed in the new mall but since it is just small, we were able to go around in less than 1 hour. So we just went back to the ground floor, near the stage, as there are a lot of kids playing in that area and Bela joined them.

Bela really had so much fun on her first time to the New Port Mall in Resorts World.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kumon Updates: After 3 weeks

Before I read about adapexin p reviews, let me post here first updates about Bela’s Kumon class. She started last February 1 and after attending two sessions, her Teacher, Teacher Jie, updated me and told me that Bela already knows the routine even only after two sessions. She knows how to follow instructions and she can actually read 3-4 letter words although she syllabicates the letters first before she can read the whole word.

I think she is at level 6 now, which can be completed in a month, but I got a call from Teacher Jie again yesterday to inform me that Bela is finish with her starting level and she will move to the next level already starting next session. The next level will be for a two month period but if Bela is persistent, she can finish it again before two months.

Bela brought home a book last week and I was really surprised that she is more confident in reading now that she was able to read the book (out loud) all by herself. By October, she will start with reading and comprehension for Grade 1 level already so hubby is no longer worried that Bela might be left behind in terms of reading by her classmates.

We can enrol her to a second program (Math) by August so now we are thinking that it can be a great program for her too. Kumon program can be completed in 3 years so now that the workload in school is still not that demanding, we think that this is the best time for Bela to take classes like this before she enters the more stressful grade school or high school life.

Enrolled: Kumon

I published in a previous post that I received a yellow love letter from teacher. There is really nothing to be worried about and Bela’s teacher assured me that Bela just needs to practice writing as that is her only problem. But the problem is, it is challenging to make Bela sit down to practice writing at home as there are a lot of distractions at home –the TV, her toys, etc.

So before I go crazy and stress my self so much that I would have to need the best anti wrinkle cream, I decided to just enrol Bela in the Reading program of Kumon. You see, Howell was really asking me to get a tutor for Bela to help her with her reading and writing. But if I get a tutor, this means that Bela will still have to do work at home and like what I said, she needs a new environment where she can concentrate.

So I attended the parent’s orientation for Kumon (which is a requirement before they will allow you to enrol your kids in any of their program) last January and after hearing all about the Kumon program, I got really interested and decided that it can be a good program for Bela.

So I enrolled Bela and she will have Kumon lessons two times a week starting February. I can’t wait to see how Bela will improve

Jr. Prep's Field Trip: Go Nuts Donuts

The last for Bela’s field trip was the Go Nuts Donuts factory in Laguna. We left Fun Ranch around 1 PM and we drive straight to the factory. It was more than an hour drive and so all the kids (and even the parents), fell asleep on our way there.


When we reached the factory, the kids were asked to go inside and once you enter, there is a small receiving area and you can see from a glass window the area where the baker prepare the donuts. One of the staff explained to the kids the steps on how to make a donut and of course, the kids listened with amazement.

After the explanation, they give each give the kids and the parents donuts. They also have a small store where we can buy donuts for take home.

We drive straight to St Scholastica after where we were fetched by Bela’s lolo.

New 2-Pc Swimsuit for Bela

Look what I got for Bela:

I bought this online for our upcoming Cebu trip (seeing Bela reminded me of my weight when I was her age. How I wish I can easily go back to my ideal weight that is why I vow to read sensa weight loss reviews to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight).

Bela was so excited when I asked her to try it on and she said that she looks like a zebra. LOL. Though I am not sure if our Cebu trip will still be pushing through as there are a lot of issues coming up (my brother got hospitalized, hubby can’t come too since he can’t take a leave from work as they are at the peak of a major project, and three of my cousins will have exams on the days that they will be absent). But for sure, we will find the perfect time for Bela to use her new 2-piece zebra animal print swimsuit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Conversations with Bela: On our Vacation & Her Lolo

My dad won’t be coming with us for our US trip this coming May. I really, really would have wanted him to come but due to budget constraints, I only have to choose between him and my mom. My dad was an overseas worker before and he has travelled the globe so he happily gave way for my mom (in exchange for men's rings that we promised to buy for him as our gift for him.LOL).

Bela questioned me right away as soon as she found out that her lolo is not coming. I told her that her lolo has to guard our house. She accepted it at first but then I don’t know why for some reason, she was crying the other night when she asked me about it again.

Bela: “Why is lolo not coming?”
Me: “Because somebody has to take care of the house.”
Bela: “But I will miss him.
Me: “That’s okay. Our vacation is just short. We will be gone for only 23 days.”
Bela: “23 days? That’s too long. I will miss lolo.”
Me: “But I have no money to pay for lolo’s ticket."
Bela: “But you are working, right? Why don’t you work some more so you can earn money to buy lolo's ticket. I will have a bad vacation without lolo.”

If only it will be that easy. Don’t worry Bela, hopefully mom will be able to save so we can have a vacation with lolo soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Multiplied, Not Divided

We went to SM San Lazaro to have our pictures taken for our Canadian visa application and while waiting for our pictures to be printed, we went to Home World to check out some of their furniture (well, it was actually to canvass prices of furniture as I really don’t have an idea now on how much they cost).

Bela was playing around while waiting for us and she saw this mirror and she gladly poses while I take her picture.

When I showed the pictures to her, she told me:

Bela: “Oh mom, two of me is double trouble.”

I don’t know where she got this word and I am not sure if she completely understands what she is talking about. LOL. But I told her that two of her is not double trouble but double happiness. And that is just true as she is our source of happiness, our inspiration. And though she has a baby brother already, she will always be our princess. As what my friend Jody always say, when you have two kids, your love for them will not be divided but instead will be multiplied.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Finally our dreams are starting to materialize for our kids. First is we got the approval from our bank for the housing loan that we applied so we will finally have our own house. The house is fairly new so there is no need for major renovations and I think all we need to do is just change the fixtures like adding pendant lighting and paintings on the walls, and buying new furniture that will match the theme that we want for the house.

Then our dream of finally taking our kids to the US is also coming true this year for we are scheduled for a three-weeks US vacation where we will visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, Toronto and if there is time, San Diego. Bela is very excited and everyday she will ask how many more days before our vacation. I am sure she will go crazy once she sets foot in Disneyland and Universal Studios and see the animals in Central Park Zoo and Sea World.

I am really happy that the start of 2011 has been really good for my family. We are just so thankful because all of this is indeed a blessing from the Big Man up there.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jr. Prep's Field Trip: Fun Ranch

Bela is still on a high after their field trip that was held a few weeks ago. The kids definitely had fun in all the three destinations that the teachers included in the IT. Even the parents had so much fun too (it helps that we have a peace of mind knowing that the vehicle that we are using for this trip is covered by the medical assistance program of Good Sam) and it was a good bonding experience for the kids and their parents.

After going to Ark Avilon Zoo, the next destination was Fun Ranch. Since Bela and I were familiar with the place as this is Bela’s favorite hang out place, we know where the ticket booth is located and so we were the first in line to purchase the tickets. This is definitely a good thing as I saw that there was a long queue after I purchased our tickets.


I got Bela a ride-all-you can ticket. We only have 45 minutes to spend here and so Bela tried all the rides right away as soon as we got her tickets. She tried the Ferris Wheel first and I am surprised that she requested to stop the ride as she got scared when they were mid-air already. Then she tried the carousel, the train, the bumper boat, the Tea cup and her last ride, the airplane (which we rode twice as she wanted to try the pink airplane also which she never get to ride the first time as it is occupied already when we were choosing our plane).

Bela would have chosen to stay here longer but then we have to leave Fun Ranch as we have one last destination: Go Nuts Donuts factory in Laguna.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jr. Prep's Field Trip: Ark Avilon Zoo

Last January 26 was the field trip for all Jr.Prep students. Only one companion is allowed per student and so I was the one who accompanied Bela for this educational trip.

The call time was at 8 AM and so we have to wake up early so we can leave the house by 7 AM so we won’t catch the early morning rush and be late for the field trip. We arrived at school before 8 AM and there are already a lot of students gathering at the assembly area. We did not leave until 8:30 AM and when it is time for the bus to leave, everybody was so excited.


Their first stop was Ark Avilon Zoo. I know Bela will have a great time here as she just loves animals. She got excited as soon as we entered the mini zoo and she started checking out all the animals housed in the zoo. She was even able to try to feed the rabbits and the hamster and I think this is her most favorite part of the trip. There was also a time for the kids to have a picture with the giant snake, the big dog and Ark Avilon’s pride, the Orangutan. Although unlike before where Bela was so brave in touching the animals, she was a bit hesitant at first in having her picture taken with the Orangutan as Bela finds the hairy arms of the orang-utan ticklish and I guess she was a little afraid at first to wrap the big snake around her body. But she got the hang of it and so I was able to take nice pictures of Bela as she interacts with the animals.

After the tour of the zoo, we spend another hour there as this is where we had our lunch.

Next Stop: Fun Ranch

Something New for 2011

On our way to Bela’s swimming class every Saturday, we always passed by the Dapitan area where there are a lot of new Town houses for sale. Bela will always say how she wishes that she live in one of those houses.

My husband and I are glad that we will be able to fulfil Bela’s wish in living in a nice and spacious house as we just signed the contract today for the housing loan that we acquire to purchase a house and lot that Howell’s colleague is selling.

We are all excited actually to move in to the new house. Howell gave Bela a magazine which showcase designs and themes where we can get inspirations for Bela’s room. In the new house, Bela and Cobi will have their own room (but I am not sure when I will be able to let them stay in their own room) so they can do whatever they want with the decoration of their room. They can choose their own area rug, wall decorations, bed, furniture and the like as long as it is not too crazy to pass for Howell’s taste. LOL.

We will not be moving to the house right away as there is still a lot of paper work that needs to be done before we can transfer the title to our name. But thinking about it makes me forget all the fears and worries that I have in acquiring this loan and now I just feel so happy and excited for our family.

What We Learned Today

After our trip to the bank today and after talking to the senior manager who is handling our housing loan, I got really convinced that we really made the right decision in making another investment by acquiring a property. According to him, it is wise to make investments as it will be a security for our kids.

I subscribed to the news letter of United States Gold Bureau before and gold is another investment that my husband and I are interested in. Who wouldn’t want to invest in gold? Gold is a very stable investment as it does not depreciate over time and is a universally accepted asset making it very easy to convert to cash.

If my husband and I will have extra money, we will definitely contact the hard asset professionals of United States Gold Bureau right away so we can Buy Gold Krugerrands as another form of our investment.