Sunday, February 20, 2011

New 2-Pc Swimsuit for Bela

Look what I got for Bela:

I bought this online for our upcoming Cebu trip (seeing Bela reminded me of my weight when I was her age. How I wish I can easily go back to my ideal weight that is why I vow to read sensa weight loss reviews to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight).

Bela was so excited when I asked her to try it on and she said that she looks like a zebra. LOL. Though I am not sure if our Cebu trip will still be pushing through as there are a lot of issues coming up (my brother got hospitalized, hubby can’t come too since he can’t take a leave from work as they are at the peak of a major project, and three of my cousins will have exams on the days that they will be absent). But for sure, we will find the perfect time for Bela to use her new 2-piece zebra animal print swimsuit.