Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Jr. Prep's Field Trip: Ark Avilon Zoo

Last January 26 was the field trip for all Jr.Prep students. Only one companion is allowed per student and so I was the one who accompanied Bela for this educational trip.

The call time was at 8 AM and so we have to wake up early so we can leave the house by 7 AM so we won’t catch the early morning rush and be late for the field trip. We arrived at school before 8 AM and there are already a lot of students gathering at the assembly area. We did not leave until 8:30 AM and when it is time for the bus to leave, everybody was so excited.


Their first stop was Ark Avilon Zoo. I know Bela will have a great time here as she just loves animals. She got excited as soon as we entered the mini zoo and she started checking out all the animals housed in the zoo. She was even able to try to feed the rabbits and the hamster and I think this is her most favorite part of the trip. There was also a time for the kids to have a picture with the giant snake, the big dog and Ark Avilon’s pride, the Orangutan. Although unlike before where Bela was so brave in touching the animals, she was a bit hesitant at first in having her picture taken with the Orangutan as Bela finds the hairy arms of the orang-utan ticklish and I guess she was a little afraid at first to wrap the big snake around her body. But she got the hang of it and so I was able to take nice pictures of Bela as she interacts with the animals.

After the tour of the zoo, we spend another hour there as this is where we had our lunch.

Next Stop: Fun Ranch