Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Something New for 2011

On our way to Bela’s swimming class every Saturday, we always passed by the Dapitan area where there are a lot of new Town houses for sale. Bela will always say how she wishes that she live in one of those houses.

My husband and I are glad that we will be able to fulfil Bela’s wish in living in a nice and spacious house as we just signed the contract today for the housing loan that we acquire to purchase a house and lot that Howell’s colleague is selling.

We are all excited actually to move in to the new house. Howell gave Bela a magazine which showcase designs and themes where we can get inspirations for Bela’s room. In the new house, Bela and Cobi will have their own room (but I am not sure when I will be able to let them stay in their own room) so they can do whatever they want with the decoration of their room. They can choose their own area rug, wall decorations, bed, furniture and the like as long as it is not too crazy to pass for Howell’s taste. LOL.

We will not be moving to the house right away as there is still a lot of paper work that needs to be done before we can transfer the title to our name. But thinking about it makes me forget all the fears and worries that I have in acquiring this loan and now I just feel so happy and excited for our family.