Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jr. Prep's Field Trip: Go Nuts Donuts

The last for Bela’s field trip was the Go Nuts Donuts factory in Laguna. We left Fun Ranch around 1 PM and we drive straight to the factory. It was more than an hour drive and so all the kids (and even the parents), fell asleep on our way there.


When we reached the factory, the kids were asked to go inside and once you enter, there is a small receiving area and you can see from a glass window the area where the baker prepare the donuts. One of the staff explained to the kids the steps on how to make a donut and of course, the kids listened with amazement.

After the explanation, they give each give the kids and the parents donuts. They also have a small store where we can buy donuts for take home.

We drive straight to St Scholastica after where we were fetched by Bela’s lolo.