Friday, September 30, 2011

New Discovery for my Citibank Credit Cards

I was so surprised when I went to Bela’s school to pay for her tuition fee because it is only now that I found out that I can use my citibank credit cards to pay for her tuition fee.

Well using my credit card to pay for her tuition fee has a lot of advantages:

1. Instead of paying right away for the tuition, I can use the cash that I have for other important things like pay for the electricity bills, shop for our grocery supplies and more as I still have more than a month before my credit cards are due.
2. I can also avail of the best credit card deals like I can earn bonus points, mileage, freebies and more if I use my card.
3. If I don’t have the money to pay for Bela’s tuition in full, I can use my credit card to pay for it and apply for deferred payment so I can pay for Bela’s tuition fee in small monthly installments which will be easier for us financially.

Now I am happy that I go though the whole credit card application as I was able to make good use of my credit card instead of just using it all the time for shopping. LOL.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get health of your infant insured within your means

The cost of health insurance is a great concern for every people. Buying a health insurance for your child is very important, as your child has a high risk of getting injured while they are playing or doing their daily activities. Try to follow some key information that will help you buy a suitable child health insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Tips to buy an affordable child health insurance policy

Read on to know the tips and tricks to buy a suitable child health insurance policy at an affordable rate.

Include your infant in your health insurance coverage:

You should know that you’re unable to buy a health insurance for your child before your baby is born. When you’ll buy a health insurance policy for yourself, you should check whether or not it will cover your new born baby for one month along with you. This additional month of coverage will provide you with enough time to search carefully an affordable child health insurance plan that will suit the needs of your new born baby.

Know the exact time to buy the insurance:

The monthly premium rates of your child health insurance policy will be higher till your baby is one year old. Hence, before you renew your child health insurance plans, you’ve to make sure that your child is over one year old. Suppose, if your child is born on 10th February and you purchase a health insurance policy for him/her on 25th February, then his/her health insurance anniversary month is February. You’ve to renew the policy on 1st February when your child will be few days less than one year and pay the same high monthly premiums for another consecutive year. You can avoid paying such higher premiums if you buy the suitable health insurance policy after one month of your child’s birth.

Try to get checkup at regular intervals:

Like a good mother, you should plan a proper health care schedule for your baby at its tender age. Try to contact a good pediatrician and visit him for regular check-ups of your baby. Try to select a health insurance policy that will cover the cost of the vaccines prescribed by the pediatric required to immune your baby.

Select a high deductible:

Try to select a plan that has a high deductible for brand name prescription drug. This will help you save money when your baby will require such costly brand name prescribed medications.

Opt for government’s child health insurance plan:

If you’re too poor to afford health insurance for your child, then you can opt for some health insurance plans provided by the government. This will cover the cost of minor diseases and few vaccines required for your new born.

It is advisable to every mother that you should buy health insurance for your child as he/she is prone to many diseases at his/her tender age. Before you buy it, you should check every terms and conditions on the policy that you’ll choose for your infant. Try to follow the above mentioned tips that will ensure your baby’s health at an affordable rate.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to Save Money with Shopping

People across America are finding new and inventive ways to save money while shopping online. There are a number of places on the web that offer promo codes and discounts on a vast array of items that you may be looking to purchase. Many people have discovered ps print promo codes and wewood discount codes as one very useful way to save money.

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Virtually hundreds of online stores are offering you the ability to save big bucks on your purchases with coupons and codes. Overstock. Com is one very useful site to locate these “secret” codes. Many of these sites employ a full time staff that does nothing but locate these beneficial codes. They don’t try to force good deals down your throat or try and blow you away with a lot of hype. They are in the money-saving business and that’s all!

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Some of these valuable codes and promos are only offered for a limited time. So it is smart to bookmark anything of monetary value. The codes and promos change regularly, so you really have to stay abreast of things. It takes a bit of time and effort on your part, but it is well worth it when it comes to saving extra cash for your pocket book. If you sign up, some of the sites will even send you regular updates via email. This way you can always be aware of any fantastic bargains going on.

Wewood is another source that you can check out for discounts and codes. They are a company committed to helping the environment and saving you bucks. Check this amazing company out online and see for yourself. You can find online money saving sources that can assist you in never having to pay full price for anything again.

Savvy and smart consumers know that coupons can help them save big time on their online purchases. You can find great deals on almost anything that you can imagine. Most of these promo codes and coupons are only valid for internet shopping and not store shopping. So you will need to keep this in mind. Take some time today and check out all of the valuable money saving resources online to assist you in buying what you want at a ridiculously low price.

Author Bio:
Costea often writes about social marketing, web design and blogging tips. He also blogs about coupon and promo code offers such as ps print promo code and wewood discount codes. Currently, he is writing for CouponTriumph, a coupon blog that offers ps print promo code and wewood discount codes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Typical Saturday with Bela

I just love weekends as I get to spend time with my husband and my kids. Every Saturday is Bela’s day as I accompany her to her gymnastics class and then we go malling after with Cobi.

Since she is trying out Kumon Math for two weeks, we have to go to the Kumon Center near her school every Saturday after her gymnastics class (hubby should reward me with Asus Tablet PC so I have some toy to play with as I wait for two hours for her gymnastics class and another hour for Kumon. LOL).

This will be our routine at least for two weeks and after her trial session in Kumon, I will request her to be transferred to the Wednesday and Friday schedule so our Saturday afternoon will be free again for malling.

It will be a very busy Saturday for me this coming weekend, as I have a meeting with the PTA in the morning and then it is gymnastics time for Bela. Hubby will be working overtime and will cover an event in the afternoon so Bela and I might go on a girl bonding on Saturday.

Back in Gymnastics

Since we all got sick the whole month of August, Bela was only able to attend her gymnastics class for just one session. Bela was really sad every time we tell her that she can’t come to class as nobody can accompany her because we have to alternate in taking care of each other, as there is always one sickie among us.

But thankfully she has been attending gymnastics class again for two consecutive Saturdays now and I can just see the happiness in her face every time she is in class.

Just look at this picture of Bela that I took last week:

Gymnastics Class kanina.

She actually is still scared in trying this trick but since she has a lot of classmates of her age last week who are encouraging her, she was able to try it several times.

She was also very happy last week as Kellie, her former classmates from St. Scholastica, was in the same class as her so she was really excited to know somebody in the class.

Kumon Reading

Bela did good in her Kumon Achievement Test in Reading. Just look at her test score:

Done with Level 4A in Kumon. By Feb, Bela will be working on Grade 1 materials na

98/100, which means she passed Level 4A in flying colors and she is now ready to move to Level 3A. I spoke with Teacher Grace, the director of the center, and I was informed that she will be using Prep Level material by November and come February 2012, she will be moving up to the next level and she will be using Grade 1 level material which means she will be a few months advance to prepare her before she moves to Grade 1 come June 2012.

Hubby and I are so proud of her. If only we have an RV with 5th wheel insurance, we would have rewarded her with a road trip that she has been requesting for a long time now.

The reason why we enrolled her in Kumon is to develop her writing skills, as this is one area where she is having difficulty. And just after a few months with Kumon, she writes legibly now compared to when she started and she can now read. That is why she spends a couple of hours at night reading her favorite books, as she is excited because she can already read on her own.

She is currently trying out Kumon Month starting last Saturday and I think we will enroll her too in this program when her trial session ends next Wednesday.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looking for discount batteries?

After we moved to the new house, the kids now have their own room, which gives them a lot of space to put their stuff (aka their toys). The kids have accumulated a lot of toys over the years and so hubby asked the nannies to sort them out and arrange them in their respective cabinets.

After arranging all their stuff, hubby discovered that the kids have a lot of nice educational toys that they were not to play with because it no longer has a battery and so hubby’s quest to find a battery store started.

Thankfully he discovered where we can get discount batteries. They sell all kinds of batteries from TV batteries, cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, motorcycle batteries, power tool batteries, portable DVD batteries and many more. What is best about this store is that they offer very affordable price for their batteries without sacrificing the quality, so we will be guaranteed that the batteries that we will buy from them for the kids’ toys will really last.

Hubby was really glad to have discovered where we can buy batteries so the kids can enjoy playing with their great educational toys instead of letting it rot in storage.