Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Typical Saturday with Bela

I just love weekends as I get to spend time with my husband and my kids. Every Saturday is Bela’s day as I accompany her to her gymnastics class and then we go malling after with Cobi.

Since she is trying out Kumon Math for two weeks, we have to go to the Kumon Center near her school every Saturday after her gymnastics class (hubby should reward me with Asus Tablet PC so I have some toy to play with as I wait for two hours for her gymnastics class and another hour for Kumon. LOL).

This will be our routine at least for two weeks and after her trial session in Kumon, I will request her to be transferred to the Wednesday and Friday schedule so our Saturday afternoon will be free again for malling.

It will be a very busy Saturday for me this coming weekend, as I have a meeting with the PTA in the morning and then it is gymnastics time for Bela. Hubby will be working overtime and will cover an event in the afternoon so Bela and I might go on a girl bonding on Saturday.