Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in Gymnastics

Since we all got sick the whole month of August, Bela was only able to attend her gymnastics class for just one session. Bela was really sad every time we tell her that she can’t come to class as nobody can accompany her because we have to alternate in taking care of each other, as there is always one sickie among us.

But thankfully she has been attending gymnastics class again for two consecutive Saturdays now and I can just see the happiness in her face every time she is in class.

Just look at this picture of Bela that I took last week:

Gymnastics Class kanina.

She actually is still scared in trying this trick but since she has a lot of classmates of her age last week who are encouraging her, she was able to try it several times.

She was also very happy last week as Kellie, her former classmates from St. Scholastica, was in the same class as her so she was really excited to know somebody in the class.