Friday, March 23, 2012

Executing a Themed Birthday Party with Zurchers Party supplies

Header Tag: Different themes for your children’s party and party supplies from Zurchers to execute the theme

Unlike adults who dread their birthday as it means that they are getting a year older again, kids loved turning a new age and they very much welcome the idea of getting older. They are always excited for their birthday especially if there will be a small party that their parents will prepare for them so they can celebrate their special day with their friends.

For parents, the exciting part will be planning for the party and thinking of a nice theme that they will incorporate for the event. The theme can be based on the kid’s favorite show like Angelina Ballerina or the kid’s hobby like Arts and crafts and more. Every kid differs so there are a whole lot of possible themes that parents can choose from.

Parents nowadays are lucky as there are a lot of online sites where they can order their Party supplies to execute a themed party easily. Zurchers is one of those online store where you can get all your party needs for any occasion like birthday, baby shower, wedding and even special holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more.

Shopping for birthday party supplies for kids from Zurchers is very easy as the site is organized by theme for easy choosing and browsing. Here are some birthday party themes that is a favorite and is a sure hit among kids and the party supplies from Zurchers that can help you execute the theme:
1. Princess Party. Every girl dreams of becoming a princess and so throwing a princess themed party for your daughter is one of the closest thing that you can ever do to make her feel like a princess, even just on her birthday. Zurchers has a lot of Princess-themed items from crown shaped invitations, pink and purple table napkins, plate and cups, castle piñata, and you can even buy a princess crown that you can distribute to all the girls to make them all feel like a true princess.
2. Superhero Party. If princess are for girls, then it is super hero for boys. Every boy has one or two super heroes that they idolized. You will often see them pretending to be one of those superheroes during play time so why not turn that play-pretend into a super-hero themed party for your son’s next birthday. Zurchers also has a lot of super-hero themed party supplies like batman party kit, Spiderman loot bags, super hero balloons and more.
3. Animal or Jungle Safari. If you have mixed guests of girls and boy, you may want to have non-gender specific theme like a Jungle Safari party. You can get monkey birthday party supplies, animal masks, animal parade table centerpiece and more.

Birthday comes only once a year and planning for a simple party with the aid of party supplies from Zurchers will definitely make your child feel extra special on her birthday.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping for her Moving Up Day Attire

Bela was asked to come in her Sunday dress for her Moving up Day so I asked hubby that we check out Baby Fashionistas at the Block to check for a nice dress that Bela can wear on her special day.

These are our choices:

I really like the one on the left but it is made in the same material as the dress that I bought her for her Christmas party. I also like the one on the right but hubby is not really up to wearing white for a graduation ceremony.

So we ended up buying this:

My future gradeschooler

I love the fit of this dress on her, it is showing her belly. LOL. It is so dainty and girly but still simple which is the look that I love to achieve.

Every time I needed a dress for Bela, Baby Fashionistas will always come to my rescue. Now I am not sure if I will be excited or scared with the opening of the Baby Fashionistas store near our place because for sure, I will not be able to control myself from buying.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bela's Moving Up Day

From Cowboy Hats, grass skirt, monkey tail, teacup and more. These are just some of the props that I prepared and bought for Bela for the various activities and programs that she had during her Jr. Prep and Sr. Prep days in St Scholastica. And yesterday, she had her Moving Up Ceremony and now I officially have a future grade schooler.

I can’t believe how time flies. I remember when she was still in her Jr. Prep. I took a leave from work so I can be with her on her first week in big school. I was even worried at first if she is really ready for big school set up already so I was really happy when I realized that she is enjoying school.

My future gradeschoolerAyaw pag dikitin ang lips, mabubura daw lipstick nya. HeheSSC's Prep Moving Up Day CeremonyReceiving her certificateCan't be any prouder

During the Moving Up Day ceremony, a special AVP was presented entitled “The Year That Was: The ABCs of Prep” which showed pictures and videos of the various activities of the Jr. and Sr. Prep students. Bela even had a special part when she made an introduction for the letter “W” which was all about the “World of Words we know” and I was teary eyed after watching the AVP.

I can’t be any prouder!! Congrats again to our pretty princess!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Swimmer

Look at how good Bela is with swimming:

Push and Glide

This is the push and glide stroke that Bela’s coach thought her last week. She is so good now; she even swims better than her dad or me.

We plan to enroll her to swimming as long as she likes. Her dad’s dream is that someday, she will be so good that she can be a varsity in her school.

Swimming is good for her so she will stay fit. At least when she grows up, she might not need to read about appexit reviews. LOL. Not like me who needs to go on a diet to lose those unwanted fats. LOL.

We are happy that she enjoys being in the water. She is so confident that we can even let her swim on her own. Last week, they are already learning how to do the freestyle and backstroke and my husband and I can’t wait to see her do those strokes smoothly. I am sure in just a few more days, she will be a better swimmer than us.

Friday, March 09, 2012

My Bela

This is how she sleeps:

MARCH PAD 3/31: Bedside. Still not ready to let go of my princess. Howell wants the kids to stay in their own room na. Ayaw ko pa. Hehe

Her bed is full of stuffed toys and her animal toys that she will have not enough space where she can lie down comfortably.

I told her to remove her toys from her bed but she said that she has to make her friends (her toys) comfortable too.

Well actually, I think she will only use this bed for just a few more months and it will time to buy a bigger bed for her. She has used this bed for 3 years now and Bela has grown since then so I am sure she will outgrow her bed soon.

Aside from her bed, I need to replenish her wardrobe too because majority of her clothes are too small for her already.

Oh, my little girl is all grown up. I can’t help but feel sentimental about it. I can still remember when I first hold her in my arms. She was a very fragile baby then but now she can operate bosch dishwashers or connect to youtube to watch her movie, dress up on her own and she can make decisions too and will reason out if I am against her choice.

In just a few months she will be turning 7. My baby has really turned into a beautiful princess. Bitter sweet.