Friday, March 09, 2012

My Bela

This is how she sleeps:

MARCH PAD 3/31: Bedside. Still not ready to let go of my princess. Howell wants the kids to stay in their own room na. Ayaw ko pa. Hehe

Her bed is full of stuffed toys and her animal toys that she will have not enough space where she can lie down comfortably.

I told her to remove her toys from her bed but she said that she has to make her friends (her toys) comfortable too.

Well actually, I think she will only use this bed for just a few more months and it will time to buy a bigger bed for her. She has used this bed for 3 years now and Bela has grown since then so I am sure she will outgrow her bed soon.

Aside from her bed, I need to replenish her wardrobe too because majority of her clothes are too small for her already.

Oh, my little girl is all grown up. I can’t help but feel sentimental about it. I can still remember when I first hold her in my arms. She was a very fragile baby then but now she can operate bosch dishwashers or connect to youtube to watch her movie, dress up on her own and she can make decisions too and will reason out if I am against her choice.

In just a few months she will be turning 7. My baby has really turned into a beautiful princess. Bitter sweet.