Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping for her Moving Up Day Attire

Bela was asked to come in her Sunday dress for her Moving up Day so I asked hubby that we check out Baby Fashionistas at the Block to check for a nice dress that Bela can wear on her special day.

These are our choices:

I really like the one on the left but it is made in the same material as the dress that I bought her for her Christmas party. I also like the one on the right but hubby is not really up to wearing white for a graduation ceremony.

So we ended up buying this:

My future gradeschooler

I love the fit of this dress on her, it is showing her belly. LOL. It is so dainty and girly but still simple which is the look that I love to achieve.

Every time I needed a dress for Bela, Baby Fashionistas will always come to my rescue. Now I am not sure if I will be excited or scared with the opening of the Baby Fashionistas store near our place because for sure, I will not be able to control myself from buying.