Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Brave Girl

We went to Tagaytay two weeks ago to tour our family friend from Canada and we find it as a perfect time to try the Zip line in Picnic Grove. Their cousin, Ava, suggested that we let them try this as the kids are really adventurous.

So when we reached the Zip line area, hubby asked Bela if she wants to try it too. Bela was hesitant at first but she still finds the courage to go ahead and do it and just look at her picture:

It really shows that she really had fun. We availed of the two way ride and she did not think twice in riding it for the second time. Maybe next time, she and her dad can do the superman pose together.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Anniv Nick & Hazel

I can’t believe that it has been a year since Bela was the flower girl to the wedding of my cousin, Nick to his long time girlfriend Hazel.

They celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary last weekend and I know they will be celebrating more anniversaries together. I can still remember when my cousin was just looking for mens diamond wedding bands and was so busy for the wedding preparations.

But I can still remember when he was all so cool on the evening of his wedding while me, my cousin and my sister were so busy for the last minute preparations and he told us “all of this doesn’t matter because what is important is that his bride will be there on the day that they will say yes to forever.” So sweet.

Happy Anniversary again Nick and Hazel.

Bela's Trick Shot

Just look at this cute Trick Shot of Bela taken by his dad at Merlion park on our last trip to Singapore:

This was actually Bela’s idea and she was even the one who directed this shot. She was really all up for it and was excited to see how the picture turned out.

Looks like Bela and Cobi will follow their dad’s footsteps as they love playing with the cameras too, which is good as it means that there will be more photographers in the family to take my photos. LOL.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

St. Eusebia Scrapbook

Scrapbook done. Thanks to my mom, my sister and her boyfriend and my husband who did the scrapbook.

We were out of the country on the last weekend before the deadline so we made sure that we gathered all the pictures needed for the scrapbook before we left and purchased the scrapbook materials so my sister and my mom can start working on it while we are away.

I am so happy with how it turned out, even though I got stress out a bit because there was one parent who was complaining. I even got a text from Ms. Garcia to express how she liked the scrapbook too.

For Our and Their Future

Last Tuesday, I left earlier than usual as I have to catch a flight for my temporary duty work in Brunei for 4 days. My kids were still sleeping when I left so I just took a picture of them.

It was difficult for me to leave the kids as I am not really used to being away from them for a very long time. But this is part of my work and there is nothing that I can do it with. So while I am away from them, it gave me a chance to think about our life and I had a realization that my husband and I cannot be with our kids forever. If only we can, we would but we can’t control what God’s plan is for us.

But there is something that I can do to prepare for the future of my kids and that is by getting guaranteed annuities. And since I have nothing to do in the hotel as soon as I finish work, I got the chance too to review different annuity rates all from one website.

Now I have all the information that I need which I can share with my husband when I get back so we can finally get an annuity package for us.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Grade 1 Field Trip

Last February 13, I took a leave from work so I can accompany Bela on her field trip, just like what I always do every year.

Our first stop was the Bioresearch Farm in Paranaque. Don’t be deceive by the looks of the place from outside as the place is really big and they have a lot of animals inside like parrots, different kinds of fish, rabbits, peacock and more. Bela had a great time here, although I noticed that the tour guide was in a hurry as she guides us around the farm. She will say something in her megaphone about the area where we are at and then move right away to the next one, without letting us explore the area first.
Our second stop was at the plant of Gardenia. Even I was amazed at how they make their breads.
Third stop was the house of Jose Rizal in Calamba, Laguna. Surprisingly, Bela was really interested and she observed and looked at every display that was inside the house.

Our fourth and last stop (and I am sure Bela’s favourite), was Sta. Elena Fun Farm where they get to ride a carabao, horse and boat, pet and feed the rabbits, go fishing and play in the playground.