Thursday, March 07, 2013

For Our and Their Future

Last Tuesday, I left earlier than usual as I have to catch a flight for my temporary duty work in Brunei for 4 days. My kids were still sleeping when I left so I just took a picture of them.

It was difficult for me to leave the kids as I am not really used to being away from them for a very long time. But this is part of my work and there is nothing that I can do it with. So while I am away from them, it gave me a chance to think about our life and I had a realization that my husband and I cannot be with our kids forever. If only we can, we would but we can’t control what God’s plan is for us.

But there is something that I can do to prepare for the future of my kids and that is by getting guaranteed annuities. And since I have nothing to do in the hotel as soon as I finish work, I got the chance too to review different annuity rates all from one website.

Now I have all the information that I need which I can share with my husband when I get back so we can finally get an annuity package for us.