Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Grade 1 Field Trip

Last February 13, I took a leave from work so I can accompany Bela on her field trip, just like what I always do every year.

Our first stop was the Bioresearch Farm in Paranaque. Don’t be deceive by the looks of the place from outside as the place is really big and they have a lot of animals inside like parrots, different kinds of fish, rabbits, peacock and more. Bela had a great time here, although I noticed that the tour guide was in a hurry as she guides us around the farm. She will say something in her megaphone about the area where we are at and then move right away to the next one, without letting us explore the area first.
Our second stop was at the plant of Gardenia. Even I was amazed at how they make their breads.
Third stop was the house of Jose Rizal in Calamba, Laguna. Surprisingly, Bela was really interested and she observed and looked at every display that was inside the house.

Our fourth and last stop (and I am sure Bela’s favourite), was Sta. Elena Fun Farm where they get to ride a carabao, horse and boat, pet and feed the rabbits, go fishing and play in the playground.