Wednesday, May 09, 2012

1st Day: Violin Class

Last Thursday, Bela attended her first class for her violin lessons at La Consolacion College in Mendiola. We were really looking for a school where we can enroll Bela and good thing, hubby's colleague mentioned about his husband who teaches violin at La Consolacaion. So I inquired and enrolled Bela the next Friday after.

Her class is every Thursday and it is a one on one class. Bela was so happy and she enjoyed her 1st class and she was just so excited to show us what she learned. She has a lot of stories like she told me that her teacher fixed her violin (thank goodness, because I thought I have to bring it to a music store to have it fix because if it were just me who will fix it, I might just use eye bolt to hold the pieces together. LOL). She was also happy when teacher told her that there is nothing wrong with her violin, as she is complaining that it is squicky, and teacher told her that she just have to hold it right. Teacher also taught her how to take good care of her violin which Bela took by heart.

Showing me what she learned from class today, the A & E String

She practices everyday the lesson that she learned which is about the A and E string. We bought her Suzuki Book 1 which her teacher require from her and we are also excited as to what she will learn tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Party Theme Options: Hollywood Night Theme

It is just 6 months before Bela’s 7th birthday and I think I am starting to panic already, as we still haven’t decided yet what theme to incorporate for her party. I still have to talk to my party planner as I know she will help me consolidate all my ideas and the event stylist that my cousin recommends so we will know if it is possible to execute all my plans.

But for now, this is another party theme that I am considering: Hollywood Night Theme complete with director clappers, stanchion barriers, paparazzi standee, popcorn table centerpiece and more:

I got all this idea from Pinterest and I am not sure if we will still have the time (and the energy and money) to execute all this. I was telling my friends that the more ideas I have, the higher the budget shoots up. LOL.

I will be meeting with the events stylist next week and let us see what he has to say.

Bela's Summer Schedule: Fully Booked

Bela’s summer schedule is now officially loaded. I just enrolled her to the Filipino Class in St Scholasticta and her regular Kumon class but luckily, I was able to find a swimming school that has a schedule on weekends so I enrolled her and her brother.

They started already with their first class last Saturday and Bela was just so excited to be in the water again.

Her dad also found a school where we can enroll her for her violin class and so we went there last Friday to enroll her. The class will be from 12 – 2 PM at La Consolacion College in Mendiola. I thought that it will be a group lesson as the class fee is really so affordable as compared to Yamaha and Lyric but I was informed last week that Bela will have a one-on-one session with the maestro. Her teacher will be the husband of hubby’s colleague. Our wish is that she will be able to learn even the chorus of at least one piece so she has something to perform on her birthday.

Except for Kumon, which she really hates (LOL), I hope she will really enjoy all the classes that we enrolled her in.