Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Party Theme Options: Hollywood Night Theme

It is just 6 months before Bela’s 7th birthday and I think I am starting to panic already, as we still haven’t decided yet what theme to incorporate for her party. I still have to talk to my party planner as I know she will help me consolidate all my ideas and the event stylist that my cousin recommends so we will know if it is possible to execute all my plans.

But for now, this is another party theme that I am considering: Hollywood Night Theme complete with director clappers, stanchion barriers, paparazzi standee, popcorn table centerpiece and more:

I got all this idea from Pinterest and I am not sure if we will still have the time (and the energy and money) to execute all this. I was telling my friends that the more ideas I have, the higher the budget shoots up. LOL.

I will be meeting with the events stylist next week and let us see what he has to say.