Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preps for Bela's 7th Birthday Party

The brother of my Sister-in-Law is very talented and patient that he was the one who did the styro backdrop for the stage for my niece’s first birthday party last Sunday.

Renting styro backdrop nowadays is really not cheap and when I inquired the last time, it will cost me around P8,500 just for the rental and it does not even include balloon decorations. That is why hubby is suggesting that we also ask my SIL’s brother to do the backdrop for Bela’s party.

But I know how much time and effort my SIL’s brother put for this project and so I don’t want to bother him for Bela’s party just so we can save.

But I am thankful that I found a way in avoiding DIY projects, which will require a great amount of time and stress on our part (and maybe double edge razor blades to turn this project into a reality. LOL), without costing us an arm and a leg. Credit goes to my good friend Peachy who gave me this idea.

I am happy because I was able to find an affordable supplier that can execute this plan for me. I actually paid the down payment already.

With just less than 3 months to go before Bela’s party, I am starting to get excited already to see how these months of preparations would all turn out.

Special Programs for Non-Tagalog Speakers

I received a Parents-Teacher Conference invitation letter from the head of the Special Programs Unit of St Scholastic and I think I know the reason why. When I attended the PTA meeting, I brought up my concern about Bela’s difficulty in speaking Tagalog. The head teacher assured me that they will look into putting Bela in their Special Programs for Non-Tagalog speakers and maybe this is the reason why I am being asked for this conference.

Bela really had a hard time at the start with Filipino and Sibika at Kultura but I have been looking at her test results now and looks like she is already coping. Some of them even have perfect scores.

I also asked Bela if she is having a hard time with her Filipino classes and she said that she is doing okay.

But I still want to know what the Special Program will offer for Bela. I am scheduled on the 28th and I will decide by then if I will still transfer Bela to the Special Program or just let her stay in her regular Filipino class.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thankful for my Dad

This is the everyday road that we take on the way to Bela’s school:

My dad will drive Bela to school and since my office, hubby, my sister and my cousin’s office is in the same way as Bela’s school, my dad will drive each one of us to work every morning. He will drop my husband first, then my sister, my cousin, Bela and then me to Makati.

We all owe my dad a Swisher Sweets for doing this for us. Imagine, even if it is raining, he will wake up early everyday and drive us all to work plus he will come back to fetch Bela at 1 PM.

All my friends are saying that I am lucky that my dad is doing this for us. At least I am sure that my daughter is in good hands everyday as she goes to school, not to mention the convenience of not having to worry about my ride everyday to work.

Opening of Buwan ng Wika @ SSC

Last Monday was the opening of the Filipino Month in Bela’s school. They were asked to come in their Filipiniana costume and this is what she wore:

I have blogged about this a few days ago but I did not post the picture. This was the costume (or should I say terno gown?) that I bought in Quiapo. This was actually the 2nd costume that I bought as we were able to buy a traditional Filipiniana dress already in one of the stores. I was looking for a Maria Clara costume in the second store that we checked and this gown was what I saw.
I was actually having second thoughts if I should get it or not because I was thinking if this gown would not be over acting for a simple program in school but my mom said that it would look OA if I were the one whose going to wear it. LOL. And my mom was right as my fashionista friends approved it when I posted it in Instagram.

Bela look really cute in the gown. She told me that she was shy to wear it when I brought her to school last Monday but was really happy when she reached home because she said that all her classmates love her dress.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Bela and her Baby Parrot

Last Sunday, we went to Quiapo to purchase the costume that Bela will be using for their program for Filipino Month. The store is beside Quiapo church and there are a lot of sidewalk vendors selling all kinds of stuff in the area.

There were a number who are selling love birds and baby parrot and when Bela saw them, she got really excited and of course she asked us to buy her a new pet bird. She chose to get the baby parrot, one for her and one for her brother, instead of the love birds.

Bela was so happy with her new pet. She will go to the terrace as soon as she wakes up to great her birds. Unfortunately, their life did not last that long.

The baby parrot who likes to go upside down died last Thursday. Bela was so upset that she won’t stop crying. She is really a pet lover that is why it really makes her sad when she saw her bird dying. I was so tempted to show her the website of and tell her to click here for hands free headsets as she wanted to get a headset for her iPad, just to make her stop crying.

But I know how much she loves her pet and bribes like headsets or even toys will not appease Bela. I just explained to her in the best way that I can what happened. She stopped crying eventually, but with the promise that we will replace her baby parrot and this time we will buy it from the pet shop rather than from a sidewalk vendor.

2nd Batch of Orders: Dainty Ashley

It is obvious from my previous posts that I am in love with the hair trinkets from the Dainty Ashley shop. Who wouldn’t fall in love with it? Aside from the fact that it is very cute and stylish, it is also very affordable without sacrificing the quality as all hair accessories are meticulously done by the owner herself.

And because I am so hooked to it, I placed my second batch of orders already. Just look at the items that I am waiting on my mail for Bela: 

I actually ordered the Ella headband in light blue and purple but it is out of stock already. Now I know that if I like something from their online store, I should reserve it right away as stocks go fast.

Filipino Month Celebration at SSC

Looks like I will need to find a way to improve my PC performance as soon, it will be loaded with tons of pictures to process and upload, since it is the start again of the different activities that Bela have in school.

For this month, they will be celebrating the Filipino month and they will be asked to come in their Filipiniana costume. I assumed, just like in Kinder and Prep, that they would also have a program as part of the culminating activity for the Filipino Month. I learned during the orientation that parents will still be allowed to come to school and watch and so I told hubby to prepare his SLR camera so he can capture those memories again.

I have bought a costume for Bela already but I don’t want to post it here first as I want it to be a surprise come Monday, during the opening ceremony of their Filipino month.