Friday, August 03, 2012

Bela and her Baby Parrot

Last Sunday, we went to Quiapo to purchase the costume that Bela will be using for their program for Filipino Month. The store is beside Quiapo church and there are a lot of sidewalk vendors selling all kinds of stuff in the area.

There were a number who are selling love birds and baby parrot and when Bela saw them, she got really excited and of course she asked us to buy her a new pet bird. She chose to get the baby parrot, one for her and one for her brother, instead of the love birds.

Bela was so happy with her new pet. She will go to the terrace as soon as she wakes up to great her birds. Unfortunately, their life did not last that long.

The baby parrot who likes to go upside down died last Thursday. Bela was so upset that she won’t stop crying. She is really a pet lover that is why it really makes her sad when she saw her bird dying. I was so tempted to show her the website of and tell her to click here for hands free headsets as she wanted to get a headset for her iPad, just to make her stop crying.

But I know how much she loves her pet and bribes like headsets or even toys will not appease Bela. I just explained to her in the best way that I can what happened. She stopped crying eventually, but with the promise that we will replace her baby parrot and this time we will buy it from the pet shop rather than from a sidewalk vendor.