Saturday, August 25, 2012

Special Programs for Non-Tagalog Speakers

I received a Parents-Teacher Conference invitation letter from the head of the Special Programs Unit of St Scholastic and I think I know the reason why. When I attended the PTA meeting, I brought up my concern about Bela’s difficulty in speaking Tagalog. The head teacher assured me that they will look into putting Bela in their Special Programs for Non-Tagalog speakers and maybe this is the reason why I am being asked for this conference.

Bela really had a hard time at the start with Filipino and Sibika at Kultura but I have been looking at her test results now and looks like she is already coping. Some of them even have perfect scores.

I also asked Bela if she is having a hard time with her Filipino classes and she said that she is doing okay.

But I still want to know what the Special Program will offer for Bela. I am scheduled on the 28th and I will decide by then if I will still transfer Bela to the Special Program or just let her stay in her regular Filipino class.