Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Their Future

Now that are family is growing with the arrival of our second bundle of joy, hubby and I are really thinking of ways to save up for the future of our kids. We just can’t rely on our jobs as our bread and butter and we may never know what will happen with our job especially now that we are still experiencing the economic recession.

That is why when we learned about United States Gold Bureau and how their experienced staff can help us with our first gold investment, hubby and I are now considering to buy gold coins from them.

Gold coins can be a very good startup for a gold investment as it is more affordable than buying gold bar but it has the same value as gold, which like gold bar, will not depreciate in time. Gold is also universally accepted so we can convert our gold coins easily to cash if we want to.

Gold is really a wise investment and I am sure that we will never go wrong if ever we decide to invest on gold coins.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stage Parents

Last June 15 was Bela’s first day at St. Scholastica. Of course I filed a leave from work so I can be with Bela as she embarks on a new journey, to big school. Even Howell who is really busy with her mom and in the office even filed a leave so he can witness how Bela will be on her first day to big school.

The administration allowed parents to bring their kids to school and stay outside the rooms to check on their kids during the first week. And I guess all parents are just like us, because the corridors are filled with stage mommies and daddies even grand parents armed with their digital cameras and are all like paparazzi taking pictures of every move of their daughters.

Hubby took a lot of pictures actually as we waited for 3.5 hours on Bela’s first day. I haven’t downloaded it though bit I will surely upload it in Flickr and I will also make a separate post here about how Bela’s first week at big school went.

Missing Her Dad

Almost every night Bela is crying before going to bed and she keeps on saying that she misses her dad. Howell is really busy the past few weeks. He was on leave for a couple of days as he is attending to his mom who is in the hospital. His mom can’t eat anything except plain rice boiled with water so every morning he will wake up early to prepare her mom’s food and deliver it to the hospital and he will stay there for almost the whole day. He will go home before lunch time to get food again and before dinner time and he will be home late already. So Bela wakes up without her dad on her side and will sometimes go to sleep without seeing her dad.

I thought that she doesn’t care because she is busy playing the whole day. But I guess Bela is a big girl already and she can really understand what’s going on around her so I just explained to her that daddy is just taking care of her sick mom. But I can totally relate to Bela as I miss Howell too so much. But I also understand that hubby just wants to spend as much time as he can with his mother and I know Bela understands him too.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Their Future

In just a few days, I will be giving birth to my second child. And now that the family is growing, my husband and I have been thinking that it is really time to look for other investment options.

One of the investments that we are considering is to buy gold eagle coins. Since we are still not sure about our monthly expenses with the coming of our baby boy, we don’t want to be too aggressive with the investment and so we wanted to start small first and start with gold eagle coins.

Gold eagle coins is the world's leading gold bullion investment coins so this will really be a good investment for us. It is a tangible asset, is easily stored, can easily be converted to cash and since gold doesn’t depreciate in time, it will really be a good investment for the future of our kids.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As I was checking for cheap auto insurance for our car, I suddenly remembered my conversation with hubby this afternoon when he fetched me from work. Since our family is growing, he thinks that we will really need a bigger car to accommodate the growing size of our family.

He inquired with Toyota and they accept trade in and the price that they quoted for our 1 year old Vios is actually good that we can actually pay for the remaining balance for our current car loan for the Vios so we can get a new one for the bigger SUV that hubby is planning (or should I say wishing) to buy.

He actually did a computation already and he thinks that we can accommodate an increase in amortization for our car loan for the new car that he wishes to purchase.

Actually, he is correct when he say that our car is already too small for our family but I am not sure if I will give in to his plan. With the coming of baby boy, I am sure new expenses will come like increase in our grocery bills, a budget for an additional nanny, budget for baby boy’s vaccines, etc.

But let’s see. I asked hubby to make a budget sheet and if he presents it well, who knows maybe I will agree. LOL.

Bela @ Big School

Bela had a dress rehearsal of her school uniform and PE uniform last Monday. My mom picked up the uniforms last Monday and when I reached home, I asked her to try it out so I can take pictures and she was so excited to put on her uniform.

Just look at her wearing the St. Scholastica’s school and PE uniform. (my gosh my baby is really a big girl already. I can’t help but be sentimental. Kids really grow up fast. I am due to give birth to my second child anytime this month and I know in just a few years he will wear tuxedo pants already and he will no longer be a baby too.)

Bela is really so cute wearing her uniform. She really looks like an ate already. I was actually at the brink of tears (call me OA) when I saw her. I can’t believe that four years passed by like that and my baby is now ready for big school. I am excited to see how she will react to the new school setup. I hope that we really did the right choice in choosing St. Scholastica for Bela.

Ready For School Opening

Uniforms – check
PE Uniform – check
Plain white shoes – check
Black school shoes – check
Books – check
Notebook – check
School Supplies – check

Almost everything that Bela needs for the opening of school next week is ready. Thanks to my mom who took care of enrolling Bela and who shopped for Bela’s school supplies at the school’s bookstore and to my sister who shopped for the other things that Bela needs like the hard to find plain white shoes for Bela.

All that is left for us to do is put names stickers for all of Bela’s stuff and we’re done. Howell and I will be on leave on the 15th so we will both be there for Bela’s first day at big school. I actually included in my prayers that I will not give birth during this time as I really wanted to be there for Ate Bela as she embarks on a new adventure and I am glad that God granted my wish.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

For Their Future

In just about two weeks, Bela will be officially a big sister to her newly born brother. Of course I am excited but I feel a bit worried for Bela as she may feel jealous when our baby boy comes out. Though I know that this is normal, I’m still thinking of good plans to avoid circumstances like this.

I know that Bela will be a good sister to her brother. In fact she’s a sweet sister, as she never forgets to shop for our baby whenever she buys something at the mall. And I believe that she will continue to do good because Bela possesses the right attitudes for we always make sure that we teach her the proper manners.

This is one of the reasons why I invest a lot with her studies for she deserves to have a good quality of education. Actually, hubby and I are starting to buy gold bullion as part of our investments so we can give the best for our children. We both know that education will do a lot in training them especially in developing their skills and communication with other people.

For now, I’m just praying for my safe delivery and of course good health for our whole family.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Aqualogic’s Swim-a-thon and Graduation Day

Before I continue reading about thermotox side effects, I want to make this post first about Aqualogic’s Swim-a-thon and Graduation before I really get busy and totally forget about it.

The graduation was held at Colegio San Agustin last May 31, 2010. Those who will be joining the swim-a-thon were asked to be there by 7 AM. We arrived around 7:30 AM and we are just in time as the Swim-a-thon is just about to start.

As I posted in my previous post, Bela did not want to join the swim-a-thon at first but she got excited when she saw the other kids in the pool. But she really insisted that it is just play time, not a swimming class and not a race.

After the swim-a-thon, they were allowed to play in the kiddie pool area while the Aqua Babes students had an exhibition. Then it was the turn of the Aqua kids to show off what they learned during the summer class. They were asked to jump from the platform and swim up to the other end of the pool. Bela was hesitant to jump at first (because she still was scared after her one-on-one class with Teacher Ria the Friday before graduation. LOL) but her teacher held her hand and she was able to jump and swim up to the other end of the pool. She even requested to do it for a second time as she enjoyed the jump and the swim and this time, she did not hesitate and just jump to the water.

After this, their certificate was given. Bela received two – one for the Summer class and the other one for participating in the Swim-a-thon. She was so excited while she was receiving her certificate and she even asked her dad to take her picture while she was holding her certificate.

The ceremony was finish by 11 AM and then we went straight home after as we are all so tired and drained already because it was one hot and humid day.

You can view more pictures here.

Doing Her Enopi Worksheet

Before I look for information on the net about apidexin, let me just post this video first of Bela while she was doing one of her Enopi worksheets in Math.

Her summer class ended last May 15 and we decided that we will not enroll her for the Enopi program from May 15 to June so at least she has a few more weeks to stay at home and relax before the opening of the school this coming June 15. But since she still have a number of worksheets left from Enopi because she was absent for four days when she got sick, they just allowed us to bring it home and Bela can just answer it at home.

Her lola was the one helping Bela with the worksheets and he even requested her dad to take her video and pictures while she is doing the worksheets. Their Enopi program is so advance and I must say that it is really a big influence on Bela to learn how to write that is why I will let Bela continue with this program for the School year 2010-2011.

Her First Swim-a-Thon

Last Sunday was the Aqualogic’s Swim-a-Thon and Graduation day. I received a call from Vanessa, one of Aqualogic’s staff, and she was asking me if I wish to sign up Bela for the Swim-a-thon. Of course being the stage mom that I am, I immediately said yes. Here is a picture of me and Bela while Bela is waiting for her turn for the Swim-a-thon (noticed how big I am? I will definitely need herbal phentermine to help me loose weight after I give birth).

After Bela’s encounter with Teacher Ria last Friday (which I posted here), Bela kept on telling me that she will not join the race (the swim-a-thon) and will just watch the other kids. But then when she saw the other kids in the pool, she quickly jumped into the pool but she kept on reminding me that she will just play and will not join the race. So I told her that it is not a race and she is just there to have fun.

For the swim-a-thon, the kids were given barbells and they will swim one full lap. Every lap that they finish corresponds to one pledge from their sponsor and the proceeds will go to Greenpeace.

Bela was able to finish one lap (with her barbell of course) and I was cheering for her (as per her request) while she swam from one end of the pool to the next. She had fun, though she kept on saying “It is not a race mom.” LOL

Ate Bela & her Princess Bike

She is really a big girl now. Look and she can now ride a real bike with balancer.

She has been asking us to buy her a bigger bike because her former bike is already so small for her that it sometimes topples as she is already too heavy for it every time she makes a turn. She also saw one of our neighbors riding a bigger bike and so she told us that she is an ate now and so she need a much bigger bike.

We went to SM last Friday to meet up with my high school friends. It is almost closing time already but hubby and Bela still tried to check out the toy section and luckily they are still entertaining customers. And so when they met up with me at Starbucks, Bela is already riding this cute Princess bike.

Every afternoon she will go out and ride her bike together with our other neighbors. She is really an Ate already.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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