Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing Her Dad

Almost every night Bela is crying before going to bed and she keeps on saying that she misses her dad. Howell is really busy the past few weeks. He was on leave for a couple of days as he is attending to his mom who is in the hospital. His mom can’t eat anything except plain rice boiled with water so every morning he will wake up early to prepare her mom’s food and deliver it to the hospital and he will stay there for almost the whole day. He will go home before lunch time to get food again and before dinner time and he will be home late already. So Bela wakes up without her dad on her side and will sometimes go to sleep without seeing her dad.

I thought that she doesn’t care because she is busy playing the whole day. But I guess Bela is a big girl already and she can really understand what’s going on around her so I just explained to her that daddy is just taking care of her sick mom. But I can totally relate to Bela as I miss Howell too so much. But I also understand that hubby just wants to spend as much time as he can with his mother and I know Bela understands him too.