Saturday, June 05, 2010

For Their Future

In just about two weeks, Bela will be officially a big sister to her newly born brother. Of course I am excited but I feel a bit worried for Bela as she may feel jealous when our baby boy comes out. Though I know that this is normal, I’m still thinking of good plans to avoid circumstances like this.

I know that Bela will be a good sister to her brother. In fact she’s a sweet sister, as she never forgets to shop for our baby whenever she buys something at the mall. And I believe that she will continue to do good because Bela possesses the right attitudes for we always make sure that we teach her the proper manners.

This is one of the reasons why I invest a lot with her studies for she deserves to have a good quality of education. Actually, hubby and I are starting to buy gold bullion as part of our investments so we can give the best for our children. We both know that education will do a lot in training them especially in developing their skills and communication with other people.

For now, I’m just praying for my safe delivery and of course good health for our whole family.