Thursday, June 10, 2010


As I was checking for cheap auto insurance for our car, I suddenly remembered my conversation with hubby this afternoon when he fetched me from work. Since our family is growing, he thinks that we will really need a bigger car to accommodate the growing size of our family.

He inquired with Toyota and they accept trade in and the price that they quoted for our 1 year old Vios is actually good that we can actually pay for the remaining balance for our current car loan for the Vios so we can get a new one for the bigger SUV that hubby is planning (or should I say wishing) to buy.

He actually did a computation already and he thinks that we can accommodate an increase in amortization for our car loan for the new car that he wishes to purchase.

Actually, he is correct when he say that our car is already too small for our family but I am not sure if I will give in to his plan. With the coming of baby boy, I am sure new expenses will come like increase in our grocery bills, a budget for an additional nanny, budget for baby boy’s vaccines, etc.

But let’s see. I asked hubby to make a budget sheet and if he presents it well, who knows maybe I will agree. LOL.