Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ate Bela & her Princess Bike

She is really a big girl now. Look and she can now ride a real bike with balancer.

She has been asking us to buy her a bigger bike because her former bike is already so small for her that it sometimes topples as she is already too heavy for it every time she makes a turn. She also saw one of our neighbors riding a bigger bike and so she told us that she is an ate now and so she need a much bigger bike.

We went to SM last Friday to meet up with my high school friends. It is almost closing time already but hubby and Bela still tried to check out the toy section and luckily they are still entertaining customers. And so when they met up with me at Starbucks, Bela is already riding this cute Princess bike.

Every afternoon she will go out and ride her bike together with our other neighbors. She is really an Ate already.