Friday, June 18, 2010

Stage Parents

Last June 15 was Bela’s first day at St. Scholastica. Of course I filed a leave from work so I can be with Bela as she embarks on a new journey, to big school. Even Howell who is really busy with her mom and in the office even filed a leave so he can witness how Bela will be on her first day to big school.

The administration allowed parents to bring their kids to school and stay outside the rooms to check on their kids during the first week. And I guess all parents are just like us, because the corridors are filled with stage mommies and daddies even grand parents armed with their digital cameras and are all like paparazzi taking pictures of every move of their daughters.

Hubby took a lot of pictures actually as we waited for 3.5 hours on Bela’s first day. I haven’t downloaded it though bit I will surely upload it in Flickr and I will also make a separate post here about how Bela’s first week at big school went.