Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Her First Swim-a-Thon

Last Sunday was the Aqualogic’s Swim-a-Thon and Graduation day. I received a call from Vanessa, one of Aqualogic’s staff, and she was asking me if I wish to sign up Bela for the Swim-a-thon. Of course being the stage mom that I am, I immediately said yes. Here is a picture of me and Bela while Bela is waiting for her turn for the Swim-a-thon (noticed how big I am? I will definitely need herbal phentermine to help me loose weight after I give birth).

After Bela’s encounter with Teacher Ria last Friday (which I posted here), Bela kept on telling me that she will not join the race (the swim-a-thon) and will just watch the other kids. But then when she saw the other kids in the pool, she quickly jumped into the pool but she kept on reminding me that she will just play and will not join the race. So I told her that it is not a race and she is just there to have fun.

For the swim-a-thon, the kids were given barbells and they will swim one full lap. Every lap that they finish corresponds to one pledge from their sponsor and the proceeds will go to Greenpeace.

Bela was able to finish one lap (with her barbell of course) and I was cheering for her (as per her request) while she swam from one end of the pool to the next. She had fun, though she kept on saying “It is not a race mom.” LOL