Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish List: Exchange Gift 2011

I have just finished writing about a product review for the best eyelash growth product and I still have a lot in my lineup for articles that I need to do tonight. But I know the mommy of Bela for the Kris Kringle is already waiting for her wish list so I have to take a break from work and write this blog post for Bela’s wish list.

We went to SM yesterday before her birthday dinner, as we have to take her to the toy store so she can choose her birthday gift. I brought her to the Little Pony section, which is one of her favorite toys and showed her the different items on sale. She actually like this one already for her birthday gift but I told her that we will just ask her mommy for the Kris Kringle to buy this for her:

Bela's wishlist: Para sa mommy ni Bela. Update ko mamaya ung sa Drawnames na wishlist

So this is her one and only item in her wish list. This is currently on sale in any Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us and SM stores, just the right amount for our Kris Kringle budget.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby No More: Shopping for her Real Hair Extensions Soon

I can’t help but feel sentimental every time I look at my princess Bela. Time flies so fast. I can still remember when I first hold her in my arms when I gave birth to her and now she is growing up to be a fine lady. Yes, a lady as she is no longer a baby at 6 years old. She has a mind of her own now especially when choosing the clothes and shoes that she will wear as if she is already a teenager.

But I guess there is no way that I can stop her for growing. Instead of feeling sad about it, maybe I should look forward then to the time when we will shop together for clothes, bags, shoes and even beauty products like the new lace front wigs.

It is still too early now but when the right time comes, I will not hesitate to recommend to her the online beauty supply outlet, LeeBeauty. This is where I get all my beauty products like my favorite real hair extensions and the skin and hair solutions that I always use like relaxers, moisturizers, facial care and more. Their products are all of good quality even if the price is so affordable so I am sure my daughter will love their online shop too when it is time for her to buy her beauty essentials.

The Benefits of Acai Berry

Our dear daughter just turned 6 years old today and my husband and I realized that although she is growing up fast, she still has a long way to go and there are still a lot of things in store for her and we want that we will always be there to witness all of that.

And so we came to a realization that my husband and I should really learn how to take care of our health so we can live longer for our kids. Our first step is taking supplements like Acai Berry.

So what are the benefits of Acai Berry?

1. Do you need tips on How to lower cholesterol? Well acai berry can help you with that as is said to prevent heart diseases because it helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels which helps prevent heart attacks and other heart disease.
2. Acai Berry also helps boost immune system so it helps fight infections and it gives the body energy to do more.
3. Acai Berry also contains a lot of natural fat which can aid for those who want to lose weight.
4. It is also rich in antioxidant which flushes out bad toxins from the body so it is said to help prevent colon cancer and other deadly diseases.
5. Acai Berry also has anti ageing effects so you can have youthful skin if you continue to take acai berry.

You can easily enjoy the benefits of Acai Berry as it is available in many different forms like fruit juices. You can also enjoy the benefits of Acai Berry by taking Acai Berry supplements which you can buy from stores which sells vitamins and supplements like Krill Oil, Acai Berry and more from healthychoicenaturals.

Change in lifestyle and Supplements is what can help us live longer so we can be with our kids as they grow up and be successful in life.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Xmas Shopping List

It is less than 60 days to go before Christmas and I need to start to buy a gift for kids at christmas. Here are my list:
1. My 20++ God Children
2. Hubby’s God Children
3. My cousins and nieces
4. Hubby’s Nieces and nephews
5. Bela’s classmates

I haven’t started on my Chirstmas shopping yet as our Christmas bonus, which I will use to shop for gifts, hasn’t been released yet. But I am already looking for cute personalized items that I can order from

Just look at their cool items:

All of them are so cute that I can’t decide which one to get. But I am sure, no matter what I end up ordering, the kids will love these cute and very useful items from Personal Creations.

Rock On!!

Last Sunday, we attended the joint celebration for the 7th Birthday of Sam and 2nd Birthday of Migo, kids of my good friend Jacqui. The theme of the party was Nick Jr Kids’ Choice Awards and kids were asked to come in their rock star/ hip hop / RNB attire and this was what Bela was wearing:

Rock on Part 2
I got the shirt from Kids of Bayo, the necktie from SM, the stockings from Divisoria and the boots was an old one that I bought for her for her UN Day celebration in school. Her tita put rock star make up on her and we brought her toy guitar to complete the look and he was able to rock her costume as she was one of the kids who received a Best in Costume award.

The party was super fun with the good host, magician (or shall I say puppeteer) Wanlu, good entertainment provided by Jives and good food. Bela and her other friends enjoyed the party. They joined Jives on stage to perform and they won’t stop singing and dancing during the games and during Jives’ performance.

Early Birds @ Sam & Migo's PartyRock Princesses

Now I am really convince that a rock star party is super fun so this will be the theme that Bela will be having too for her 7th birthday.

Thanks again Jacqui and Mike for inviting us. We really had super fun.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Tips for Throwing Party on a Budget

My daughter will be celebrating her 6th birthday this coming November 16. We initially have no plans to give her a party but parents can’t say no to their daughter’s request. So with a limited budget, I started my quest to plan for a 6th birthday party for my daughter.

I thought that it will be a big challenge at first but then I realized that with creativity and imagination, we could still give our daughter the party of her dreams.

Here are a few things that I learned on how to throw a party on a budget:

1. DIY. If you have a lot of creative minds in your family, tap their talents and ask for their help to create DIY items that you can use for the party. Here are some DIY party ideas:
• Instead of ordering invitations from a printing company, make your own invitations. There are a lot of resources on the web to get birthday party invitation ideas and you can use this as a template to create your own invite.
• Do not hire a professional to do the balloon decorations. Look for promo codes and vouchers and order your balloons online and search in You Tube for demos and videos on how to create simple balloon decorations.
• Bake your own cake. If you know how to bake, why not make your child’s birthday cake as one of your major baking projects. Your kids will appreciate it more as it is your labor of love for them.
2. Host the party in a venue that is free like a park, or a community center. That way you can bring your own food without corkage fee and you don’t have to pay for a rental fee for the venue.
3. Set the timing of the party early in the afternoon so you don’t need to serve heavy meal.
4. Do not hire professional host for the party. The Internet will be your best friend to search for games and activities that you can have during the party. You can search by theme and you will surely find a lot of suggested activities and games that will go well with your theme.

Birthday parties need not be expensive and always remember that the presence of family and friends during the celebration is more important to make the celebrant feel loved and special.

This is a guest post written by Melissa who works for You Love Coupons, where she writes articles about different diet programs like weight watchers and ediets. Her last project was an article about weight watchers code and ediets code.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

ToT 2011

Before I look for Janitor Jobs to help my friend, let me make a post here first about Bela and Cobi’s Trick or Treat experience last October 30 at Boni High Street.

I was happy that hubby decided to leave for Bicol on the 31st instead of during the weekend as what he did last year, which is why we were not able to attend any Trick or Treat event last year. So when I learned that we have the weekend to attend ToT events, I started looking for events in hotels and malls that we can attend.

Most of the events at the mall were finished already and so I have no options left but to avail of the buffet lunch in the hotel to attend their ToT event. Thankfully, my good friend Mai told me about the event in Boni High Street and we only need to have P500 purchase from any of the Boni High Street merchants to join their ToT event.

Trick or TreatToT @ Boni High StreetWaiting in Line: @ the Registration BoothToT 2011

So we were at Boni High early (around 1:30 PM) so we can do some shopping first and as expected we went Hobbes and Landes, Bela & hubby’s favorite store. When we were done shopping, people are starting to line up already even if it is only 2 PM and registration won’t start until 3 PM. So we lined up as soon as we saw the queue.

It actually started to rain while we were in line that hubby wants to go home already but of course we stayed, as that is what the kids wanted. After waiting for an hour, we were finally able to register and get our loots. Bela and Cobi got lots of loots from the registration booth alone.

We then went around the different participating stores where the kids got more treats and candies. Bela had so much fun.

Merienda/Dinner @ TGIFW/ Sam & Jacqui @ TGIF after the ToT

After trick or treating, we met up with Jacqui and her kids to have snack at Friday’s.

Bela's 6th Birthday Party Invite

We were finally able to find the time to go to 168 to have Bela’s invitation printed. She had a pictorial with her dad one Saturday with the somewhat pirate attire that I bought for her. I was actually not that happy with the pictures yet but they were not able to have anther pictorial session so we just choose from her first batch of pictures.

We went to the same store where we ordered Cobi’s invitation and this is their end product:

Love Bela's Invitation for her party at Hospicio de San Jose

I love it. This is the first time that they made an invitation with this theme and so I was really impressed with the output.

If I were to ask, I just like the plain invitation rather than the 2D version as I am reserving the 2D version for her 7th birthday party, but the manager (aka the hubby) likes the 2D version for her princess and so I did not argue. LOL.

But Bela is just so happy with her invite and she can’t wait to give it out to her classmates when she returns to school on Tuesday.