Friday, November 11, 2011

Rock On!!

Last Sunday, we attended the joint celebration for the 7th Birthday of Sam and 2nd Birthday of Migo, kids of my good friend Jacqui. The theme of the party was Nick Jr Kids’ Choice Awards and kids were asked to come in their rock star/ hip hop / RNB attire and this was what Bela was wearing:

Rock on Part 2
I got the shirt from Kids of Bayo, the necktie from SM, the stockings from Divisoria and the boots was an old one that I bought for her for her UN Day celebration in school. Her tita put rock star make up on her and we brought her toy guitar to complete the look and he was able to rock her costume as she was one of the kids who received a Best in Costume award.

The party was super fun with the good host, magician (or shall I say puppeteer) Wanlu, good entertainment provided by Jives and good food. Bela and her other friends enjoyed the party. They joined Jives on stage to perform and they won’t stop singing and dancing during the games and during Jives’ performance.

Early Birds @ Sam & Migo's PartyRock Princesses

Now I am really convince that a rock star party is super fun so this will be the theme that Bela will be having too for her 7th birthday.

Thanks again Jacqui and Mike for inviting us. We really had super fun.