Monday, May 23, 2011

I Feel for Them

My daughter was born with a congenital heart disease. When I learned of this from her doctor, I broke into tears and it really breaks my heart knowing that my kid will not have a normal childhood. But thanks to prayers, her congenital heart disease healed naturally and so she now has a chance to live a normal life.

Heart condition is one of my greatest fears that is why I am bothered after watching the video that I saw about Crestor from You Tube. Crestor is a medicine use to treat high cholesterol but it was found out that it increases that risk of heart attacks and heart failures.

But thanks to the lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath, personal injury lawyers, the victims can file for a Crestor lawsuit.

If you think you have a case, contact them now so you can get justice for the injury that you have sustained because of Crestor.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Thanks to my sister for taking care of Bela’s enrolment while we are away. Enrolment for Sr. Prep is scheduled on May 16 and since we are in the US, I asked a favor from my sister to take care of Bela’s enrolment.

I gave her a call last night and she is done enrolling Bela. She was even able to buy the school supplies from the school’s bookstore so all that is left for us to do is label Bela’s things when we are back and all is set for the school opening in June (I actually don’t know the exact date of their school opening).

So I have to get adult halloween costumes and a bag for my sister as my token of appreciation for taking care of my errands while we are away. Good thing I have one whole day free to do some shopping on our last day here in New York.

New Addiction

This is Bela’s current addiction now:

We bought her a drawing book and Crayola markers before we left and we packed it in her carry on so she has something to do on the plane as we noticed that she is really into art works and drawing this past few days and I am just surprised at how much she has improved. She can even draw those pictures, like the Yogaba Gaba drawing, without any reference and she will just use her imagination as she draws each character. This is what kept her busy the entire flight that is why she did not get bored during the flight and even in our stop over in Hong Kong.

Howell is just so proud as he is an artist himself that he is now thinking of getting a private tutor for Bela for art. LOL. But I told him that we can just let Bela enjoy her stuff for now and we can enrol her to a formal art class if she decides to herself in the future.

My New Travel Buddy

I am so proud of my princess, she is one good travel buddy. I can’t believe she has grown up so fast. I can still remember I am just wearing my maternity clothes when I was pregnant with her, and now she is turning six years old already in the next couple of months.

I thought that we will have a hard time travelling with two kids in tow but she is just so cooperative. Our itinerary is like that of an amazing race as we want to make the most of our time so my mom can visit plenty of places so we are moving from one city to another with only a day or sometimes just hours of rest, before moving to another destination.

During those times that we are on the road, Bela is so well behave and she will just busied herself with drawing, watching movies in her iTouch, playing games in her leapster or just sleep. And when it is time for us to get off the bus or plane, even if it is the wee hours of the night, Bela will obligingly wake up and just go back to sleep when we are in the car or taxi already. That is why I told Howell that she is really ready for long travel such as this. But I hope we will have the budget again to afford another adventure for our family in the next couple of years.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip to Toys R’ Us

Bela is still jet lag on our day 2 in New York and to keep her awake, we decided to bring her to the biggest ever toy store, the Toys R’ Us in Times Square.

We left the house around 2 PM already as we sleep the whole morning as all of us are drogy from lack of sleep and the time difference. Bela fell asleep while we are riding the Subway on our way to Times Square but when we woke her up, she got her energy back upon seeing Toys R’ Us.

She actually knows what she wants already and so she went to the section of the Koobles toys and the cartridge for her Leapster. So now I have to buy new aaa rechargeable batteries so the battery of her leapster will be charged up as for sure Bela will spend lots of time playing with it during our flight.

I haven’t uploaded pictures yet taken by hubby but I will try to start tomorrow so I can share with you guys just how much our princess I having fun.


It is only our third day in New York and Bela is already having a blast. It was actually difficult as New York has a 12 hours time difference with Manila, but on our second day, Bela was able to stay up until 5 PM before she finally doze off to sleep.

We actually plan to take Bela to Toys R’ Us in Times Square but she was up until 5 AM on our first night (even if we were all so tired already after the long haul flight), so we were not able to leave the house early.

Day 1 in NY: Going to the US was just a crazy dream for my mom before. Glad I am the one who was able to fulfill this dream for her.

But we brought her in Central Park and got really excited after seeing the big park right in the middle of the tall buildings. Just seeing the birds and the ducks in the park energized Bela already. The ducks were so pretty and she can’t believe her eyes that is why she has to ask my friend if the ducks are real.

Now I can’t wait for her reaction when we bring her to Sea World and Disneyland.

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Countdown is On

Bela is just so excited for our upcoming US vacation. Every night she will ask me how many more days left before we finally leave and she always complains every time I answer her as we started counting 3 months ago so she has been waiting for a long time already.

But we will be leaving this Saturday and so Bela can’t hide her excitement every time I tell her that we will be boarding the plane in just a couple of days. She even finds it hard to sleep at night, probably because she is already imagining about our trip. I showed her pictures from the website of our places of destination that’s why so she can’t hide the fact that she is just so excited to be really there.

This is the first time that Howell and I will be traveling with our kids to the US. God has been really good to us as we never really thought that this dream of ours to bring our kids to the US will finally have a realization.

But as much as I wanted to feel excited for this trip, I still have a lot of things to finish before I take a leave from work. I might even need 7 second eye lift to hide those dark circles around my eyes as for sure I will be working late everyday before our flight on Saturday.

But I am happy still because just a few more sacrifice and then I am off for a three-week quality time with my family and my mom.

My Farm Girl

We spent our Easter Sunday at our house in Bulacan. Bela usually refers to our house here as our farm and every time we are here, she always have a grand time.

She tries to plant some flower, she picks fruits from our trees, and she even sleeps in a hammock under our mango tree. She is certified to be one farm girl. LOL.

Farm Girl

I can see that Bela is growing up to be like her dad who has a love for nature and is never scared of any adventure. As a mom, my only wish is to see my kids grow up and be with them in every important milestone in their lives.

That is why my husband and I made a pact that we will really take care of our health so we can live longer (God willing). So we have been doing steps to try to live a healthy lifestyle like taking colon cleanser, staying away from bad vice like smoking and alcohol, and we just try to enjoy life.

I am sure Bela will grow up to be a fine lady and my only prayer is that my husband and I will be able to witness that transformation.