Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It is only our third day in New York and Bela is already having a blast. It was actually difficult as New York has a 12 hours time difference with Manila, but on our second day, Bela was able to stay up until 5 PM before she finally doze off to sleep.

We actually plan to take Bela to Toys R’ Us in Times Square but she was up until 5 AM on our first night (even if we were all so tired already after the long haul flight), so we were not able to leave the house early.

Day 1 in NY: Going to the US was just a crazy dream for my mom before. Glad I am the one who was able to fulfill this dream for her.

But we brought her in Central Park and got really excited after seeing the big park right in the middle of the tall buildings. Just seeing the birds and the ducks in the park energized Bela already. The ducks were so pretty and she can’t believe her eyes that is why she has to ask my friend if the ducks are real.

Now I can’t wait for her reaction when we bring her to Sea World and Disneyland.