Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Addiction

This is Bela’s current addiction now:

We bought her a drawing book and Crayola markers before we left and we packed it in her carry on so she has something to do on the plane as we noticed that she is really into art works and drawing this past few days and I am just surprised at how much she has improved. She can even draw those pictures, like the Yogaba Gaba drawing, without any reference and she will just use her imagination as she draws each character. This is what kept her busy the entire flight that is why she did not get bored during the flight and even in our stop over in Hong Kong.

Howell is just so proud as he is an artist himself that he is now thinking of getting a private tutor for Bela for art. LOL. But I told him that we can just let Bela enjoy her stuff for now and we can enrol her to a formal art class if she decides to herself in the future.