Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip to Toys R’ Us

Bela is still jet lag on our day 2 in New York and to keep her awake, we decided to bring her to the biggest ever toy store, the Toys R’ Us in Times Square.

We left the house around 2 PM already as we sleep the whole morning as all of us are drogy from lack of sleep and the time difference. Bela fell asleep while we are riding the Subway on our way to Times Square but when we woke her up, she got her energy back upon seeing Toys R’ Us.

She actually knows what she wants already and so she went to the section of the Koobles toys and the cartridge for her Leapster. So now I have to buy new aaa rechargeable batteries so the battery of her leapster will be charged up as for sure Bela will spend lots of time playing with it during our flight.

I haven’t uploaded pictures yet taken by hubby but I will try to start tomorrow so I can share with you guys just how much our princess I having fun.